The Florida Animation Festival (FAF) is the only festival of its kind in the region, celebrating the art of animation in all its forms.  From stop-motions to visual effects, there are thousands of frames and keyframes involved that create the magic before our eyes.  


We are proud to announce the selections that screened at this year's 2018 Florida Animation Festival!

Stop-Motion Presentation (G)

These 5 films will screen as part of a special presentation on Tuesday, June 12th.

To learn more about this awesome opportunity for families, visit our Stop Motion Presentation page!


Directed by Meghan Ang

3 minutes | Canada


A Messenger finally meets a mysterious and elusive resident whom he delivers letter to in an unexpected encounter.


​Directed by Sijia Huang

4 minutes | Portland, OR


The story begins with two hands hitting two eggs. As the hitting goes on, the two eggs start to crack and finally explode in to pieces. 
Two creatures come out of the eggs. One is a duck with hairy human legs. The other one is a muscular guy with duck feet. The duck and the guy both have a crush on each other and start to dance. In the middle of the dance, the two hands interrupt them by hitting on their head. A chase and fight start. 
In the end, it turns out all the encounters and fights are happening in a kid’s imaginary world when he play with his toys - a rubber duck and an action figure, during his breakfast time. 

The Cosmospenguin in Sushiland

​Directed by Luca Potskhishvili (9 years old!)

12 minutes | Vienna, Austria


The adventures of the Cosmospenguin (which is just on diet) lead him from his home planet Jupiter up to the light years distant, praised Sushiland. In search of a treasure he meets the frog (which suffers at iron deficiency). His trip to San Francisco ends in the chaos. In his visit in Vienna he saves together with the frog the squirrel (which can shout very loudly). On his odyssey in the desert he hits on the camel Simon (who needs no gasoline). For what is looking the Cosmospinguin on the Sushiland, seems at first unclear. Only after he has travelled around half a planet, finally, the sense of his trip becomes by him conscious … 

The Last Book from Earth

​​Directed by Pau Torrano & Marina Soteras

2 minutes | Barcelona, Spain


We get to put ourselves in the shoes of the astronaut who finds the last book from the Earth. 
What would it tell us?

FILL and Moo

Directed by Toshiko Hata

8 minutes | Japan


Fill, a movie fairy, lives in a ruined place all alone. In front of lonely Fill, an old projector appears from nowhere and starts making a clattering sound to screen a movie. Then, Moo, a seed of movie, pops out to invite Fill into that movie. Fill and Moo take off for a journey to the world of movies.

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Select Submitted Shorts: Comedies (PG-13)

These 12 films will screen twice during the festival!

Thursday, June 14th at 4:00pm & Saturday, June 16th at 1:00pm.  


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A Brunch with Death

Directed by Sebastian Gat

3 minutes | NY, NY


“A Brunch with Death” by Sebastian Gat is a short story of a young woman on a date with a Grim Reaper.

The Thief

​Directed by Adolfo Ruiz

1.5 minutes | Calgary, Canada


A Lovely Stroll

Directed by Thomas van Kampen

2 minutes | Calgary, Canada


A man goes on a nice walk down his neighborhood.


Directed by Christopher Angus

7 minutes | Petersfield, Canada


A quirky journey through recent time to an ethos of futurity, which explores the potential ramifications of technology on human beings while leaving us with choices.

Jim's Introduction to Gender Identity

Directed by K. Kypers

4 minutes | New Jersey, USA


Jim thinks he knows who he is: he's a man, he has a hot girlfriend, he's on the basketball team… But when Cassie tells him about a male-bodied friend who identifies as a girl, Jim's concepts of gender and identity are challenged.


Directed by Gabriel Arrellaga

3 minutes | Asuncion, Paraguay


Since Eladio does not want to take his siesta (mid-day nap), Grandma Elba decides to tell him a traditional Guarani (Paraguay) myth story, hoping that this will finally make him obey.

Tall Juan - Cuidacoches

Directed by Dante Zaballa

2 minutes | Berlin, Germany


The Road Killer

Directed by Hannah Covington-Walker

3 minutes | Melbourne, Florida


A psycho opossum seeks revenge after his meal is taken away. The film is created in 3D using a special shader that creates the illusion of 3-toned shadows/lighting. The style of the film takes on setting and lighting of a horror film, but sharp-edged textures reminiscent of a Picasso painting.


Directed by Lance Donald

5 minutes | Sanford, Florida


A crusader knight brings his lady over to the meet the parents in this short, darkly comic narrative poem satirizing Medieval literature, chivalry, and faith.


Directed by James Sugrue

8 minutes | Jersey City, New Jersey


Bluehilda is raring to get out into the real world, but first she’s pretty hungry… She decides to hunt the ever-elusive Copper-back Raboon for dinner, and is dying to test her ten years of magical training in order to catch it. However, Francis flies off into the deadly Furest alone, and Bluehilda must go after him. She gets an even bigger test of her magic than she anticipated when her precious pug bat is caught by the Unbearables! Bluehilda must face the deadly trio of witch hunters in order to save Francis! Will Bluehilda be up to the test? Or will Francis end up as a trophy?


Directed by William Figueroa

8 minutes | Thomasville, Georgia


The biggest rocket ever made is about to launch in 3....2....1.....wait, it just got delayed...

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Select Submitted Shorts:

Family-Friendly (G)

These 16 films will screen twice during the festival!

Friday, June 15th at 11:00am & Sunday, June 16th at 12:30pm.  

The Sunday, June 16th Screening is sensory-friendly.

A priori

Directed by Maite Schmitt

6 minutes | Schiltigheim, France


To protect his books, Albert, the young librarian, must put his prejudice aside and make friends with a bat.

After Meteor's Trail

Directed by Delphino Huang

2 minutes | United Kingdom


An animation tribute to advancement of technology, and spirit of exploration.

Barry the Blobfish

Directed by Marleia Alfaro

2 minutes | San Diego, CA


Barry is a fat ugly fish that can't swim and lives at the bottom of the ocean. He longs to live on a beautiful coral reef at the top of a tall, tall cliff.

Big Booom

Directed by Marat Narimanov

4 minutes | Moscow, Russia


The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has it all: humor, action, and tragedy.

Breakfast in Bed

Directed by Tobias Krebs

4 minutes | Wagga Wagga, Australia


Its Mother’s Day and Lenny forgot, what last minute gifts will Lenny come up with?


Directed by Ty Primosch

6 minutes | Danbury, CT


A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside.