The Florida Animation Festival (FAF) is the only festival of its kind in the region, celebrating the art of animation in all its forms.  From stop-motions to computer-generated graphics, there are thousands of frames and keyframes involved that create the magic before our eyes.  


We are proud to announce the selections that will be screened at this year's 2019 Florida Animation Festival!


Obligatory festival disclaimer regarding the ratings is at the bottom of this page.  Jump down to see what's up!

"For The Young at Art"

Select Shorts: Family Friendly (G)

Short films in For the Young at Art will screen as part of a special presentation on

Thursday, June 13th at 1:00 PM following our two unique workshops and lunch! (~65 minutes)

Different family-friendly films make up Rated G for Great! on Friday, June 14th at 2:00 PM (~70 minutes)


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"Rated 'G' for Great"

Select Shorts: Family Friendly (G)

Different family-friendly films make up Rated G for Great! on Friday, June 14th at 2:00 PM (~70 minutes)

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Homegrown Films

Select Shorts All Made in the USA (PG-13)

These films will be screened on Friday, June 14th at 10:30 AM!

Run time ~ 95minutes

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Humor & Notes

Select Comedy & Dark Comedy Shorts and Animated Music Videos (PG-13)

These films will screen Saturday, June 15th, at 1 PM!

Run time ~ 95 minutes

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Films from Afar

Select Shorts from the International Animation Community (PG-13)

These films will be screened on Saturday, June 15th at 4 PM.

Run time ~ 98 minutes

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Films with a Southern Draw

Select Shorts from the SE-USA (PG-13)

Sunday, June 16th 1:00pm

Run time ~ 98 minutes

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Judges' Choices


Awards Presentation

Specially curated presentation of highly recommended films by our judges (PG-13)

Sunday, June 16th 4:00pm

Run time ~ 102 minutes, with a brief awards presentation to follow the screening

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We will try to not adjust the schedule but sometimes life happens and we gotta do what we gotta do!


A note about ratings: The ratings are based on our collective best judgement as a selection committee, our judges, and even asking the submitters to rate their own work. We refer everyone to the MPAA guidelines, however we're aware that perhaps we're a bit *too* conservative rating something as PG-13 when it could be PG, or PG for a G...  If you're curious about how ratings work, there's a great documentary on the subject from 2006, This Film is Not Yet Rated.

For more information, visit our FAQ, or shoot us a message!  

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The Florida Animation Festival is proudly presented by the Tallahassee Film Society.