"eARTh Matters"

Select Shorts: Suggested G to PG rating
Approximate Running Time: 43 minutes

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The Flat

Directed by Lev Voloshin

1.5 minutes | Chisinau, Moldova | G


Every day, each and every one of us produces garbage: at work, at school, at home, on a walk. Everywhere. The short film describes the journey of trash on the planet. The ending of the film leaves open the question: what is the final destination of garbage and what happens to it?


​Directed by Robert Grieves

3.5 minutes | Sydney, Australia  | PG


Life means disorder, and disorder means waste. But can humans rethink their impact on the planet? Animated short using a bold mix of 2D and 3D.

Eco Escort

Directed by Marcela Drobná

4 minutes | Prague, Czech Republic | PG


Eco Escort is ecologic short funny animation about how important is to recycle properly! Recyclation is very much needed for our future. So is for the nightclub Kanálek, where clients have the pleasure to get satisfied by sweet and waggish disposable products. In its own specifics entertaining way Eco Escort tells story of our main hero hygiene towel Auvejska who accidentally becomes part of this crooked disposable nightclub. Come in and let yourself be pampered.

Eco Escort is second chapter of bizzare Bloody Riot series. First chapter named Bloody Riot was concerned about feminine troubles with period in a delicate and lighthearted way. But this time it is about importance of recycling and ecology itself which concern us all.

KA-BOOM! - The Flood

Directed by Veronika Kocourková

8 minutes | Bratislava, Slovakia | G


Cate Strophe wants to enjoy a picnic in the city park. In that moment, she still has no clue that something is about to happen in the Cloud School above and as a result, a dangerous water monster will burst into the city. Will she be able to stop it?


Directed by Carolyn M. Scott

2.5 minutes | Santa Rosa, CA | PG


’ROUNDUP WINE’ is an animated short set to a wildly satirical song and animation that tells the story of the cancer causing weed killer found in all lab tested wines in California. This entertaining film brings home its message with humor and wit the poisoning of our wines by the nefarious corporation Monsanto.


Directed by Shirin Shakhesi

2 minutes | Melbourne, Australia | G


Petrichor traces a short journey about insects and animal’s population decline that affects ecosystems and humanity which would leave only a memory of them for us in the near future. Possible causes of the decline have been identified as habitat destruction, including intensive agriculture, urbanization, and industrialization; introduced species; and climate change so if not mitigated by decisive action, the decline would have a catastrophic impact on the planet's ecosystems. (Petrichor means a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm.)

God has already gone ahead (Gott ist schon weg)

Directed by PETER BÖVING

10 minutes | Erfurt / Thuringa / Germany | G


The Egyptian geese marches through the ages: From the bird´s perspective, a centuries-long settlement history is told. While the water level in the pond continues to fall, the inhabitants have the water up the neck. In the end, nothing stays as it was, only the goose suspects nothing bad.


Directed by Robert Grieves

3.5 minutes | Sydney, Australia | PG


What if the 97% consensus of scientists are wrong, and global warming is just hot air? This 3 minute animation looks at the positives of serious societal change, regardless which side wins the debate.


Directed by Toby Auberg

3.5 minutes | London, UK | PG


Water then food. Agriculture then industry. Old then new. Critical then extra. Simple to complex. Concrete to abstract. Dirt to clouds. Real to unreal.

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