"Funny Bones & Music Tones"

Select Shorts: Suggested rating up to PG-13
Approximate Running Time: 65 minutes

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Pink Youth

Directed by Esteban Valdez

5 minutes | St. Petersburg, FL | G


In the future... The powers-that-be discovered a way to capture all the color and hope from the world... Or so they thought...

Itchy Teeth - Invisible King (Official Music Video)

Directed by Julia Specht

2.5 minutes | Hamburg, Germany | G


A surreal journey contemplating the perception of the world, told by a character constantly falling in and out of existence. Who am I? Who are you? Can we be something together?

A music video about the fascination of making sense of the world and the search for your own place in it.

Heat Wave

​Directed by Fokion Xenos

7 minutes | London, UK | G


In the midst of a heatwave of insanity, two children find a way to cool everyone down! 

A playful stop motion short film animated in a hybrid technique between cut out, claynimation and thousands of replacements pieces.


Directed by Junha Kim

4 minutes | Seoul, South Korea | G


Musician Lenny escapes from his boring routine through his music. Singing his new song "Turn Me On", he meets his muse Tinkerbell, travels together in the fantasy world and fascinates various fairy tale characters.


Directed by Regina K Cicone, Angelique K Smith

3 minutes | Sarasota, FL | G


An adventurous suitcase wants to get out and explore the world, but he’s trapped inside with his workaholic owner.


Directed by Jake Johnson

2.5 minutes | Nashville, TN | G


Music video for the “Radio” by Nashville band Blank Range.

A Million Suns

Directed by Lillian Bell

4 minutes | Cygnet, Tasmania and Chewton, Victoria Australia | G


A stunning handmade stop time animated clip created by regional Victorian visual artist Lillian Bell. Filmed on a light box in various locations around Tasmania and Victoria, the video clip takes the viewer on an otherworldly journey of shadow and light. Figures drift and dance, the world turns upside down and two lovers face the darkness to find one another.

Self-Portrait at 86 Dog Years

Directed by zach dorn

2 minutes | Los Angeles, CA | G


A dog waits for his best friend's return so they can celebrate his 86th birthday.

T.E. Yates - Farewell Rainy City (Official Music Video)

Directed by T.E. Yates

3 minutes | Manchester/Bristol, United Kingdom | G


Animated music video faithfully following the route of the world's first intercity passenger railway, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Also features John Greenwood's bus, the UK's first scheduled bus service.

Draws inspiration from contemporary illustrations of the railway by T.T. Bury and H. West amongst various other influences.

Six Day Back

Directed by Scott Cierski

4.5 minutes | Seattle, WA | G


Three bodybuilders sing about a revolutionary new workout regimen.

Capa Love

​​Directed by Diego Francisco Aguilar Quesada, Juan Carlos Romero

3 minutes | San Jose, Costa Rica | PG-13+


Capa Love is a music video for the Panamanian artist Carlos Mendez. Capa Love video tells the story of life as a mosaic of brief but significant moments, memories that make up life itself.

PG-13+ for brief sexual content

On My Heels

Directed by Christopher Spurgin

4 minutes | Knoxville, TN | PG-13


A young man walks the line between two worlds as he wrestles with his dreams and the consequences of his actions

Midnight Showing

Directed by Gavin Arucan

10 minutes | Honolulu, HI | PG


Midnight Showing is a wacky animated horror film following Angel, an utterly exhausted movie theatre usher, on the most frightening closing shift of his life. When nobody arrives for a midnight movie premiere, Angel eagerly closes up early, angering a menacing phantom that haunts the theatre.


Directed by Brad Pattullo

2.5 minutes | Edinboro, PA | PG


A taxidermist chases a squirrel around his house with a shotgun.

Telephathic Mail

Directed by Jake Johnston

3.5 minutes | Nashville, TN | G


Music video for LA band’s song “Telepathic Mail”


Directed by Mark Neeley

4.5 minutes | Cincinnati, OH | G


Animated short film that combines hand drawn 2D animation and 35mm photography. The story of how individual events synchronize with each other due to timing and nostalgia. In this film, those simultaneous events being a first trip to the state of California and the loss of a pet.


Directed by Jeff Shea

2.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG


A long-time smoker who’s vowed to quit tries to go back on his promise, but finds that the universe is holding him to it. How far will he go before he decides it’s time to kick the habit?

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