"Out Of This World"

Select Shorts: Family-Friendly (G)
Approximate Running Time: 58 minutes

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The Butterfly Affect

Directed by Stephanie Blakey

4.5 minutes | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | G


Growing up, Jesse didn’t think she was any different from her friends- until “The Change”. This is a heartfelt story of insecurity, growth, and self-acceptance told through the eyes of a young worm trying to find her place in a butterfly’s world.

Time Difference

Directed by XUQIN SUN

3.5 minutes | London, UK | G


This animation shows the different space people how to communicate. This story is that A and B get a video call. They enter the world of imagination together. And they spend lot of time to contact each other. But the they living environment is totally different. B is gone. A want to pursue, but the time obstruct her. she cannot do anything. Since on one can solve the problem of time. In the end, they left each other.

HobbyKids Adventure: Maybe Baby Bear

Directed by Butch Hartman

7.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


Created by BUTCH HARTMAN (Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, Bunsen is a Beast) and based on the MEGA SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel ‘HobbyKidsTV’, ‘HOBBY KIDS ADVENTURES’ follows the antics of three brothers - HOBBY PIG, HOBBY FROG and HOBBY BEAR - as they fly, bounce, zip and zoom their way through the day! Using Hobby Pig’s leadership, Hobby frog’s brains and Hobby Bear’s cuteness, the Hobby Kids use fun, food and amazing inventions to avoid their arch enemies THE SLOBBY KIDS and make the world a better place! In this episode, HobbyBear wants to show his big brothers that he's not a baby by going on his own adventure, but a T-Rex sized bite is more than he can chew.

The Silly Duck Wizard

Directed by Terry Ibele

1.5 minutes | Oakville, Ontario | G


A silly duck wizard only knows dumb spells about ducks.


Directed by Lam Lo

2.5 minutes | London, UK | G


Di-cake is a story about Dida’s journey of buying an enormous cake.
This animation captures her feelings about the cake and her dreamy world.

A Flowering Tree

Directed by Meera Krishnamurthy

8.5 minutes | Bangalore, Karnataka, India | G


Based on a Kannada folktale translated by AK Ramanujan, “A Flowering Tree” is about Vanaja, a young woman who can magically turn into a flowering tree at will. When her talent results in an unlikely marriage to the prince, Vanaja encounters his sister Kaikeyi, who is envious of her gift.
This film uses cut out puppets manipulated by hand, to evoke the rich Indian tradition of oral storytelling. The background score is India’s national instrument, Saraswati Veena rendered by Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh from her album Mysterious Duality: Just me.


​Directed by Mark Salisbury

2.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


BIGBY follows the adventures of Bigby (voiced by JOHN LEGUIZAMO), a 9-year-old Latino superhero who combats injustice all over the world. Of course to a kid that means everything from gangs of pirates and dragons, to brain draining substitute teachers. He lives with his single mom and participates in typical, 9-year old activities . . . And is also a genius who created his own superhero bearsuit, decked out with gadgets like a neutrino shrinking ray and a rocket pack. He fights the nefarious forces of evil that make up L.O.S.E.R.S. -- League Of Super Evil RapScallions – a James Bond-like organization of villains who want to rule the world, and his greatest source of help comes from his maternal grandmother Abuela, a fearless but silent septuagenarian sidekick and driver.

Unsurpassed Team

Directed by Ruxin Liang, Michael Davin and Changjiang Wang

5 minutes | New York, NY | G


There is a friendship problem between two witches Aliza and Rosamia when they planning to join a competition as a team.

A Moonlight's Tale

Directed by Aarif Attarwala, Ron Spivak, Elena Spina, Tony Gaeta, and Andrew Noh

6.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


Our story takes place in a celestial ballroom where the stars gather every night to dance their way across the sky till morning comes. The dark, lightless Moon appears every night and is rejected every time by the stars around him.
That is, until one night the Sun appears at the celestial ball, and now the Moon has to overcome his fear of rejection to earn the love he desires.

Uranus Whispers

Directed by Frank Gresham

4 minutes | Brooklyn, NY| G


Wiss and Krill, two self-absorbed extra-terrestrial buddies, complain vociferously about their Neptunian surroundings. They procure a rocket and attempt an escape to neighboring planet Uranus. Unbeknownst to our encapsulated idiots, their rocket launch is thwarted, and they end up going nowhere. Emerging from their space capsule full of hope, Wiss and Krill convince themselves they have arrived on Uranus and life is better.

The Moon's Not That Great

Directed by Mathieu Libman

8.5 minutes | Santa Clarita, CA and Fullerton, CA | PG


After an astronaut returns from her lunar mission to find that the public couldn't care less about the moon, the stories of the astronaut, a film director, and a bear intersect.

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

Tales of the Unknown

Directed by Jaime Maestro

2.5 minutes | València, Spain | G


Film is inspired by The Tale of The Unknown Island, a short story by Portuguese writer José Saramago about a man who goes in search of an unknown island.

“All islands are unknown until we land on them… I want to find the unknown island, I want to know who I am when I am on it. Don't you know?"

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

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