"Rated G for Great"

Select Shorts: Family-Friendly
Approximate Running Time: 73 minutes

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The Man with Arms

Directed by Chris Muse

6.5 minutes | Baltimore, MD | G


A 6 minute stop-motion short film about a small group of friends who only have eyes and legs, capable of observing the world as bystanders. One of them tells a story about something he saw: a man with arms! He is capable of interacting and manipulating the world around him, much to the amazement of the armless people.

Family Bonds

Directed by Maria Schmidt

6.5 minutes | Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany | G


The little fox Hugo has a happy family, but it’s a bit unsual - his parents are geese. They live an harmonic life until one day Hugo discovers a grown fox attacking another goose. This results into the most challenging and difficult situation our little patchwork-family has to overcome before Hugo ultimately finds out who he really is and that family is a feeling and not a matter of heritage.

Birds of a Feather

​Directed by Richie Valentino

3.5 minutes | Melbourne, Australia  | G


Set in a rainy city this film focuses on the scavengers on the street and how the effects of sharing and being greedy can alter one's perspective in life.

The Summer & Winter Show

Directed by Meg Oswalt

4 minutes | Sarasota, FL | G


Two personified seasons, Summer and Winter, find themselves as unlikely roommates in this animated 90’s sitcom parody.

Forever in Red Cardigans

Directed by Michael T. Scott

3.5 minutes | Denver, CO | G


Neil Diamond performs an album of Mister Rogers cover songs: "Forever in Red Cardigans: Neil in the Neighborhood."


Directed by John Banana

7.5 minutes | Paris, France | G


Problems can cloud your vision, but the key to Cloudia's happiness may be right under her nose.

Sticks & Stones

Directed by Anna Conde, Mark Lim, and Andrea Walker

3.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | G


Two dim-witted cavemen must use their prehistoric tools of sticks and stones while on a competition to hunt down dinner.

Material Girl

Directed by Jenna Spurlock

3.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


An unconfident, young girl loses herself is trying to impersonate a powerful pop star. However, when her borrowed identity is taken from her, she must remember that her own style is what makes her truly special.

why z?

Directed by Asher Horowitz

4 minutes | New York, NY | G


why z? follows the story of z, a lonely and shy letter stuck at the end of the alphabet. As he struggles to deal with the torment from his bullies at school as well as everything else that comes from being last of the line, he constantly asks himself “why z”?


Directed by Jessica Gallaher

3.5 minutes | Washington | G


Flap is 2D short about a girl named Harper who twitches and shakes her hands in order to engage with her big imagination. For the first time, Harper comes to understand how her hand flapping is seen in the eyes of others.

Breaking Ground

Directed by Tara Norton, Ellie Morlino, and Alex Shaulis

4 minutes | Sarasota, FL | G


A paleontologist’s assistant frustrated by her male superior, receives a little help from an unexpected source to prove her worth.

Tobi and the Turbobus

Directed by Verena Fels and Marc Angele

7.5 minutes | Ludwigsburg, Germany | G


You fly with no seat! That's the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.

Waddle I Do Without You?

Directed by Katie Miller

2.5 minutes | Princeton, NJ | G


A penguin is left heartbroken after the destruction of a snowman, prompting their penguin friend to try and cheer them up.

The Four Companions - Folktales of India

Directed by Ketan Pal

3.5 minutes | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | G


When the team of a Donkey, a Dog, a Cat and a Hen decide to join forces to sing for the town, there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong.

Based in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, this abridged folktale has been illustrated in a modern rendition of Kangra Pahadi paintings.

As with the best of human tales, this folktale has many versions, with some from as far as Germany too.

Just Add Milk

Directed by Sasha L Cuneo and Derek W Cuneo

5 minutes | Natick, MA | G


A father bumbles, batters, and burns his way through Saturday breakfast.


Directed by Sanghyun Kim

2.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | G


Tom, a clumsy guide retriever, take his eye off his blind master, Albert, because of tennis ball for a while, and lost him. And Tom chases him to resolve the situation after witnessing he tumbled through the dangerous construction site.

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