The Awards Continue!

The Florida Animation Festival (FAF) is the only festival of its kind in the region, celebrating the art of animation in all its forms.  From stop-motions to visual effects, there are thousands of frames and keyframes involved that create the magic before our eyes.  


The first annual Florida Animation Festival in 2016 was all programmed content-- and it went very well!  But we wanted our festival to grow, and to screen unique content from professional, independent, and student animators from around the world. Since our first call for submissions in 2017, we have received over 500 individual submissions from 50 countries!

2020 presented us with over 220 submissions from 36 countries. Our international panel of 24 judges scored films on a 10-point scale within each category based on Story/Content, Visual Aesthetic, Editing, and Euphony.  Every virtual screening included audience voting.

We present the awards in the following order:

  • Overall winners are presented with up to two honorable mentions and 1 x First Place per overall category (animation technique).​​

  • Next, awarding goes to sub-category winners by genre, meaning Novice, Student, Independent, Professional, and Studio animators in all 5 categories (animation technique) are awarded up to 2 honorable mentions and one first place.  

    • Films that scored at 6.6 and above are awarded first places, with the top three of those being our best in show as well as 1st place. 

    • Films that scored 5-6.5 are honorable mentions.  

    • Overall category winners are excluded from sub-category placement.

  • Some sub-categories did not have firsts or two honorables based on scoring outlined above, and you will likely see some overlaps across the two different award types.

  • The first place overall category winners move up to Best in Show awards, films watched by our Best in Show committee, a smaller group of judges from the original 24.

  • Debut & Debut Junior Categories were judged by an independent panel of young animators & adults. 

  • Audience Favorites are listed on their own page, with 1 x First Place and 1 x Honorable Mention per program.

Without further ado... 

We are proud to announce the SUB-CATEGORY WINNERS of the 2020 Florida Animation Festival's Submitted Shorts!

BEST IN SHOW AND OVERALL CATEGORY WINNERS are listed separately, check them out!

AUDIENCE FAVORITES are also on their own page, lots of love to go around!



Animation Studio | Professional | Independent | Student | Novice


Directed by John Banana | Paris, France

Problems can cloud your vision, but the key to Cloudia's happiness may be right under her nose.

FIRST PLACE, Animation Studio (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Victor Moulin | Paris, France

As soon as the Forest Ranger is away, GRIZZY feels it’s only natural that the Ranger Station becomes his territory. And no other animal dares to contest this privilege. Except the LEMMINGS! They are small, but there are a lot of them – and they want their share of the Eldorado!

The Lemmings play with poseable figurines of wild Canadian animals. When Grizzy sees that the bear figurine has been put inside a little cage, whereas those of the Lemmings are gathered around a mini-jar of chocolate spread, he decides to join in the party and take control of his own figurine.


HONORABLE MENTION, Animation Studio (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Jaime Maestro | València, Spain

Film is inspired by The Tale of The Unknown Island, a short story by Portuguese writer José Saramago about a man who goes in search of an unknown island.

“All islands are unknown until we land on them… I want to find the unknown island, I want to know who I am when I am on it. Don't you know?"


HONORABLE MENTION, Animation Studio (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Satoshi Takahashi | Japan

In the middle of the night… Sarah wakes up as she wants to go to the bathroom. As she leaves her room, she finds herself alone in the dark hallway, and it is really creepy. Even the toys she left out look totally different from how they looked during the day. Sarah finally pulls herself together and starts to move forward, with her animal doll friend named Steven, who’s got a shiny nose to show her way, but – she trips! When she picks herself up off the ground, she finds herself in a creepy forest with a tall toilet tower in the distance… It must be an imaginary world born from her fear. Can she make it to the bathroom with help from Steven?


FIRST PLACE, Professional Animator (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Barry Chapman | Ireland

Think about this; you may have seen a basketball go through a net but have you ever seen a net go through a basketball?....

The Big Flip is a series of reverse dynamic animation experiments that I’ve been working on over the past couple of years.

The design and art direction is very much inspired by the work of brilliant contemporary artist and photographers such as George Byrne and Petra Leary.

The audio was created by the amazing Mt. Wave Studio.


Honorable Mention, Professional Animator (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Joshua Burke | Boston, MA

A chicken prepares for an egg to hatch but when it hatches the chicken does not know where it’s occupant has gone. The chicken is forced to face a world full of identical chickens to find the one that it loved.


Honorable Mention, Professional Animator (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Junha Kim | Seoul, South Korea

Musician Lenny escapes from his boring routine through his music. Singing his new song "Turn Me On", he meets his muse Tinkerbell, travels together in the fantasy world and fascinates various fairy tale characters.


Honorable Mention, Independent Animator (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Natasha Bishop | Auckland, New Zealand

A flame and a sprite and a wood sprite show that friendship can win no matter the obstacles.


First Place, Student Animator (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Regina K Cicone, Angelique K Smith | Sarasota, FL

An adventurous suitcase wants to get out and explore the world, but he’s trapped inside with his workaholic owner.


Honorable Mention, Student Animator (3D/CGI)


​Directed by Toby Auberg | London, UK

Water then food. Agriculture then industry. Old then new. Critical then extra. Simple to complex. Concrete to abstract. Dirt to clouds. Real to unreal.


Honorable Mention, Student Animator (3D/CGI)

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Animation Studio | Professional | Independent | Student | Novice


​Directed by Sandra Obando Morales and Tatiana Pinzon Salavarrieta | Bogotá, Colombia | PG ​

In a post apocalyptic Bogotá, a man will do anything in order to get to Arcadia, the only place alive in the planet. No matter what it takes, he will take a series of decisions to save himself, until he is trapped by his own destiny.

FIRST PLACE, Animation Studio (2D/VECTOR)

KA-BOOM! - The Flood

​Directed by Veronika Kocourková | Bratislava, Slovakia

Cate Strophe wants to enjoy a picnic in the city park. In that moment, she still has no clue that something is about to happen in the Cloud School above and as a result, a dangerous water monster will burst into the city. Will she be able to stop it?




​Directed by Esteban Valdez | St. Petersburg, FL

In the future... The powers-that-be discovered a way to capture all the color and hope from the world... Or so they thought...




​Directed by Marina Moshkova | Russia

In the far far North lives a very very grumpy Polar Bear. One day he receives an unexpected visitor...


FIRST PLACE, Professional Animator (2D/VECTOR)


​Directed by Evgenia Golubeva | Russia

An aging witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go to plan.


HONORABLE MENTION, Professional Animator (2D/VECTOR)


​Directed by Mathieu Libman | Santa Clarita, CA and Fullerton, CA

After an astronaut returns from her lunar mission to find that the public couldn't care less about the moon, the stories of the astronaut, a film director, and a bear intersect.


HONORABLE MENTION, Professional Animator (2D/VECTOR)


​Directed by Marcela Drobná | Prague, Czech Republic

Eco Escort is ecologic short funny animation about how important is to recycle properly! Recyclation is very much needed for our future. So is for the nightclub Kanálek, where clients have the pleasure to get satisfied by sweet and waggish disposable products. In its own specifics entertaining way Eco Escort tells story of our main hero hygiene towel Auvejska who accidentally becomes part of this crooked disposable nightclub. Come in and let yourself be pampered.

Eco Escort is second chapter of bizzare Bloody Riot series. First chapter named Bloody Riot was concerned about feminine troubles with period in a delicate and lighthearted way. But this time it is about importance of recycling and ecology itself which concern us all.

FIRST PLACE, Independent Animator (2D/VECTOR)


​Directed by Michael T. Scott | Denver, CO

Neil Diamond performs an album of Mister Rogers cover songs: "Forever in Red Cardigans: Neil in the Neighborhood."


HONORABLE MENTION, Independent Animator (2D/VECTOR)


​Directed by Sarah McLean | Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA

Based on the true story of a family trip to the Miami aquarium that goes awry when their car is hit by a cement truck. A story of life, death and friendship.


HONORABLE MENTION, Independent Animator (2D/VECTOR)


​Directed by Jessica Gallaher | Washington

Flap is 2D short about a girl named Harper who twitches and shakes her hands in order to engage with her big imagination. For the first time, Harper comes to understand how her hand flapping is seen in the eyes of others.


FIRST PLACE, Student Animator (2D/VECTOR)