"Silent but Medley"

Select Shorts: Family-Friendly (G)
Approximate Running Time: 63 minutes

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Moon Melody

Directed by Cleto Acosta-McKillop

6.5 minutes | Milwaukee, WI | G


Nikolas, a young boy, lives blissfully watching the world go by. Stars float over his head, butterflies float through a valley of blooming flowers and the sun and the moon chase each other through the sky. Every­thing is warm and sweet and familiar until the Moon chases the Sun into the horizon and Nikolas' world becomes cold and dark. He sets off to find the Sun and Moon and goes on an emotional journey, discovering warmth in unusual places and facing despair for the first time. His journey is guided by the music, Nikolai Rimsky-Karsakov's "The Kalendar Prince" which is the emotional anchor­point of the film and also the base inspiration for the pacing of the film.


Directed by Alex Berweck

5 minutes | Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany | G


Fussel, the friendly monster, finds the beginning of a red string. This sparks his interest and he heads out to find out what's at the end. On his journey he meets different looking monsters, of which everyone has it's own theory about the end of the string. Curiously they join Fussel on his journey. Being different isn't a problem in this group and together they head out to face challenges on their way to becoming friends.
Environments and Characters were created with the new VR software Quill to challenge traditional asset creation in 3D animation.


Directed by Dana Sink

2 minutes | Harrisburg, PA | G


An exploration of movement and meaning.


​Directed by Kenneth Rosen and Sarika Persaud

3.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


Emilio wants to spend time with his father Luis by sharing a homemade comic book, but conflict arises when Luis is too busy with an upcoming deadline.

The Big Flip

Directed by Barry Chapman

1.5 minutes | Ireland | G


Think about this; you may have seen a basketball go through a net but have you ever seen a net go through a basketball?....

The Big Flip is a series of reverse dynamic animation experiments that I’ve been working on over the past couple of years.

The design and art direction is very much inspired by the work of brilliant contemporary artist and photographers such as George Byrne and Petra Leary.

The audio was created by the amazing Mt. Wave Studio.


Directed by Satoshi Takahashi

5 minutes | Japan | G


In the middle of the night… Sarah wakes up as she wants to go to the bathroom. As she leaves her room, she finds herself alone in the dark hallway, and it is really creepy. Even the toys she left out look totally different from how they looked during the day. Sarah finally pulls herself together and starts to move forward, with her animal doll friend named Steven, who’s got a shiny nose to show her way, but – she trips! When she picks herself up off the ground, she finds herself in a creepy forest with a tall toilet tower in the distance… It must be an imaginary world born from her fear. Can she make it to the bathroom with help from Steven?

The Little Bang

Directed by Jihyeon Bae

6.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


Two stars crossed celestial bodies striving to close the distance, no matter the cost. Friendship knows no distance even if it means being light years away.

The Witch & the Baby

Directed by Evgenia Golubeva

5 minutes | Russia | G


An aging witch needs a baby for a spell to make her young again. But when she brings home an infant princess things don't go to plan.


Directed by Marina Moshkova

5.5 minutes | Russia | G


In the far far North lives a very very grumpy Polar Bear. One day he receives an unexpected visitor...

Sum of its Parts

Directed by Alisa Stern

3.5 minutes | Cortlandt, NY / Brooklyn, NY | G


Sum of its Parts is about mysterious forest creatures that move to the beat of music. The film is an exploration of stop motion animation made in a natural setting. It was animated entirely outdoors in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Fish Loves Chicken

Directed by Joshua Burke

5 minutes | Boston, MA | G


A chicken prepares for an egg to hatch but when it hatches the chicken does not know where it’s occupant has gone. The chicken is forced to face a world full of identical chickens to find the one that it loved.

Grizzy and the Lemmings (season 2) - Game Madness

Directed by Victor Moulin

7 minutes | Paris, France | G


As soon as the Forest Ranger is away, GRIZZY feels it’s only natural that the Ranger Station becomes his territory. And no other animal dares to contest this privilege. Except the LEMMINGS! They are small, but there are a lot of them – and they want their share of the Eldorado!

The Lemmings play with poseable figurines of wild Canadian animals. When Grizzy sees that the bear figurine has been put inside a little cage, whereas those of the Lemmings are gathered around a mini-jar of chocolate spread, he decides to join in the party and take control of his own figurine.

Arthur and the Seagull

Directed by Luca Di Cecca

5 minutes | Italy | G


The ninety-year-old Arturo is used to being alone and his days pass as a pensioner. One day a newspaper that advertises cameras comes into his hands. The seagull that he chose as a subject, however, seems to have a completely different idea about perfect photography.

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