"Southeast Delights"

Select Shorts: Suggested rating of up to PG-13
Approximate Running Time: 58 minutes

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​Directed by Katherine Crossan

2.5 minutes | Clemson, SC | G


A mocking bird and walnut tree experience the change of seasons.


Directed by Maria McDonnell, Michael Verastegui

5 minutes | Savannah, GA | G


In a lonely retirement home where the retired folks have resorted to keeping spiders for company, one man meets a spider who is determined to not let the neglected elderly miss out on the Christmas party that they all deserve.


Directed by John T. Hill

3.5 minutes | Nashville, TN | G


Jack and Lovey go on a wild adventure after a flying pygmy hippo steals their pacifier and leads them on a zoo - spanning chase!

The Tea House Drama

Directed by Xiaoying Li

2.5 minutes | Atlanta, GA | G


While seeing a very interesting puppetry drama in a Chinese tea house, a little boy (Yu Sheng) falls in love with the puppets and wants to play with them himself.

Tongue Tied

Directed by Anthony Jensen

2.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | G


An old gymnast recounts the day he faced his biggest rival. And the tragedy that soon followed.

February 30th

Directed by Chuck Downs

9.5 minutes | Clearwater, FL | PG-13


Think you know your holidays? Think again. When they are not out and about on display in stores all over, they hang out at Spagmoss Hall... and they aren't always what they seem.

First Wave

Directed by Austin Taylor

2 minutes | Tampa, FL | PG-13


An alien threat invades the city, but a hero rises to the challenge.

Just A Short

Directed by Sydney Ray and Meike Groh

1 minute | St Petersburg, FL | G


Just A Short is set in Leo’s everyday life. A fun whimsical short about one of Sydney Ray’s original character’s life.

The original story came out of the imagination of Sydney Ray, a student at Creative Clay in an artist's mentorship program called Artlink that helps teach students with disabilities practical experiences that they can use in professional settings. Meike Groh guided and taught her how to animate and storyboard out her ideas. Together they were able to make this film from scratch in the time frame we were given.

The Art Department: Thank God It’s Highday

Directed by Ryan Hood

2 minutes | Tampa, FL | PG-13


Ralphie accidentally eats an edible before work.


Directed by Kathryn Heady

2 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG


A Play-Dough King and a toy soldier vie for the affections of a pet rock.

About the Soufflé

Directed by Hanadi Tuameh

2 minutes | Jacksonville, FL | G


A computer animation short with a stylized painterly aesthetic depicting a story about delicate balances and the lack of consideration life has for them.

Frank and the Great Bun Shortage

Directed by Landon Lovette

6.5 minutes | Muscle Shoals, AL | PG


Frank's food truck runs out of hot dog buns, chaos ensues.

Don't Croak

Directed by Daun Kim

1.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG


An agile long-legged frog escapes from being dissected by a frenzied determined 12 years old girl.

Let's Get Lost!

​​Directed by Angelo Grajo

1.5 minutes | Lakeland, FL | PG


Take a wild and hyper-kinetic look at the world, as “Let’s Get Lost” autobiographically enters the mind of an ordinary human being whose mind is constantly on the run.

Across the Cosmos

Directed by Will Lance

7.5 minutes | Greenville, SC | PG


Three kids Edmund, Celeste, and Walker crash land on an alien planet that's emitting hallucinatory fumes

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

The joy of Lofi

Directed by Lofi Animator

1.5 minutes | Charlotte, NC | G


Introduction to lofi music.

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

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