"Speak Up, Speak Out"

Select Shorts: Suggested rating up to PG-13
Approximate Running Time: 88 minutes

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Directed by Brian Yulo Ng

2.5 minutes | Valencia, CA | G


24 is an experimental documentary and animated retrospective of a young man born between different cultures, it depicts moments of memory through short vignettes of the past; Alongside an evolving abstracted animation that grows in complexity. The film tackles issues of culture, memory and trauma through the lens of a person born between identities. The entire film has a strong theoretical base around the number 24.


Directed by Suyoung Jang

2.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG


In a human generating factory, a new woman awakes in a flawed system, finding she can't achieve her potential until she breaks through a giant glass wall.

Hide & Seek

Directed by Qunxiang Lin

6 minutes | London, UK | G


Have you ever not been found in hide and seek in your childhood; This game is continuing in a quiet way, as we are actually hiding in work and life. But now, do we still hold the hope of being found by the same kind of people in one day?

Hogan's Goat

​Directed by Andrew Knox

3 minutes | Maryland, MD  | PG-13


Hogan's Goat is a surreal glimpse into PT115 "Hogan's Goat" and it's crew during the second world war in the south pacific. Shown through the lens of experimental animation, this short uses original wartime photography and art in addition to custom made models and digital renderings.


Directed by Matisse Gonzalez

10.5 minutes | Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg GmbH, Germany | PG


In a world where gravity changes constantly, you have to find something to keep you grounded.

The Mole

Directed by Jiayu Ji

6 minutes | New York, NY | PG-13


A girl deals with her imperfections from others and her own perspectives through her growing up.

Esfinge Urbana (Urban Sphinx)

Directed by María Lorenzo

5 minutes | Valencia, Spain | G


URBAN SPHINX is an animated short film that creatively documents the presence of street art at various neighbourhoods of Valencia, Spain, between 2018 y 2019. In URBAN SPHINX are animated these pieces of ephemeral art, connecting each image in continuity like the frames of a film. All these faces look at us with widely opened eyes, as if they tell us that we exist, but we might not exist —and the world would go on.


Directed by Rok won Hwang (Rocky) and Samantha Tu

2.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG-13


A young girl who is abused is too afraid to expose the truth to her teacher, until the bruise comes to life and do what she can’t.

The Blue of Salt

Directed by Alice Bohl

10 minutes | Angoulême, France | PG


The Blue of the Salt is the journey of a young woman bruised by a mourning who tries to find peace in her memory. The train on which we embark with her is a night crossing until dawn, between dream and reality. She finds there the desire to live and be present to the world.

Hot Dogs

Directed by Owen Roberts

8 minutes | Brooklyn, NY | PG


Hot Dogs is an animation about eating hot dogs and discussing the afterlife.

King of the House

Directed by Zige Zhang

10 minutes | Chicago, IL | G


Our story follows Gloria, an Italian mother with a heart full of love. However, Gloria struggles with great loss and even turns to addiction to numb the pain. Gloria's love is tested, and she must overcome her mental and emotional barriers to allow her love to thrive once again.

The Working Man

Directed by Tim Searfoss

7.5 minutes | Tarpon Springs, FL | G


The working man has an impossible profession, all he has to do is hit one button, at the exact right time, or else...

THE WORKING MAN examines what it's like to be an employee and a boss.

Anatomy of a Stabbing

Directed by Scott Coello

2 minutes | Hastings, UK | PG


For the broadcast of BBC Radio 4 PM series reporting on the rise of knife crime incidents across the UK, this animation focuses on one attack in February 2017, giving us an insight from a mother’s perspective, of the night her son was murdered.

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*


Directed by Helena Hilario and Mario Pece

8 minutes | Sao Paulo, Brazil | G


While visiting a home for children, a little girl meets Joseph, a boy whose only dream is to have a yellow umbrella. This unexpected encounter awakens his memories of the past. Inspired by true events, Umbrella is a homage to empathy, hope and love.

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

The Treasures of Mrs. Grady's Library

Directed by Richard O'Connor

3 minutes | Brooklyn, NY | PG


One day he wandered into the library, where he came across a book by African-American author Frank Yerby. The cover piqued his interest, but Olly didn’t want to risk his reputation by letting his classmates see him voluntarily reading. So rather than check out the book, he stole it.

He recounts how this book — and a little nudge from two helpful librarians — turned him around academically.

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

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