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Select Shorts: Suggested rating up to PG-13
Approximate Running Time: 75 minutes

Streaming as part of this year's Virtual Festival available only from June 11-14 on Gumroad.com/FloridaAnimationFest


Directed by Imo Rolfe

2.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG


Fierce is about a journey between an unlikely pair of feathered dinosaurs: a flamboyant velociraptor who wears his feathers with pride, and a reserved ankylosaur who refuses to accept that real dinosaurs can have feathers in the first place.

Filla' Void

Directed by Xinhui Ma

4.5 minutes | New York, NY | PG-13


In a world where everybody has a hole to fill, Victor and NotKaren wait in line for the only vending machine that sells “Filler.” What happens when someone unplugs the machine and NotKaren falls into the hole on another man’s back?


​Directed by Natasha Bishop

3.5 minutes | Auckland, New Zealand | PG


A flame and a sprite and a wood sprite show that friendship can win no matter the obstacles.

Ai Can

Directed by Mengxi Yang

5 minutes | Los Angeles, CA / China | G


Ai Can is a documentary portrait of a man who suffers from mental illness, but never stopped making his art during years of retirement.


Directed by Jee Woo Kim

3.5 minutes | New York, NY | PG


I find myself back in the familiar void where I fight that thing again today. As I did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. Even when it gets overwhelming, I remember I am loved, and I win, like I did yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that. I hope you remember that you are loved too.

My Child

Directed by Esther Song, Monica Erlano and Rachel Nam

3 minutes | New York, NY | G


A mother and her unappreciative child roam the lands as a way of living, but after an encounter with a deadly beast, the child gains independence and realizes what is important in life.


Directed by Mateo Ruiz and Ryan Callahan

5.5 minutes | New York, NY | PG


A knight attempts to return a relic from whence it came, but is confronted by a dangerous  adversary.


Directed by Daechang Lee, Jinze Piao, Junsik Hwang and Seungwon Ahn (McKinsey)

2.5 minutes | New York, NY | PG


The story of battle between superhero and Villain.

Ben & Kat or Kat & Ben Go to Little Lake Fountain

Directed by Elizabeth Whitfield and Nicholas Dimas

9 minutes | New York, NY | PG-13


The cousins Kat and Ben go to Little Lake Fountain and along the way, meet some new friends.

Her Will

Directed by Michelle Jeon

1.5 minutes | Santa Clarita, CA | PG


A grieving young woman denies herself proper self-care after her mom passes away, until she gains closure through a dream.


Directed by Alex Luu

4 minutes | Los Angeles, CA | G


Unsure of his place in the world, James Nguyen finds refuge in the comfort of his culture and the bravery of his imagination.

Adam (With An Eye)

Directed by Derrick Duan

5.5 minutes | Australia | G


Adam has embarked on an interstellar exploration, while his partner’s life continues on Earth. With the time and space between them, the lovers struggle to stay in touch, until one day she discovered something that Adam has secretly left behind.


Directed by Karen Phillips

3.5 minutes | Redmond, Washington | PG


As a young girl struggles with self-worth in an unhealthy household, her struggle becomes visible in her surreal reflection.

Circles of Care

Directed by Ana Carolina Estarita-Guerrero

4 minutes | Los Angeles, CA | G


Circles of Care is an experience that takes the visitors on a journey following the life cycle of a living system.

The Asian F

Directed by Jaemin Choi

2 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG


A young Korean-American student's life turns into a living nightmare when she brings home a B on her math test.

Where Am I?

Directed by Cheng Qiu

4.5 minutes | London, UK | G


What do you see inside the mist?

Goodnight, Mr. Sandman

Directed by Nathania Zaini

3.5 minutes | San Fransisco, CA | G


A story about a writer who's working to catch a deadline, but had to deal with a Sandman who's trying to put him to sleep. The Sandman tries multiple times but keeps failing, each to a comic result.


Directed by TzuYi Yang

3.5 minutes | New York, NY | G


Shimmery is a surreal, narrative animation whose style combines 3D and 2D graphic elements. A gentle beast searches for light in a dark forest taking the audience on an exploration of addiction at its essence.

*This title is an official selection still in the competition, but is unable to stream as part of our virtual festival*

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