"The Fringe"

Select Shorts: Suggested rating up to PG-13
Approximate Running Time: 88 minutes

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Directed by Ryotaro Miyajima

5 minutes | Japan | G


During the period of the 'Provinces at war', many lives were lost. A castle architect discovers the possible role of a tea room as a place for warriors to regain humanity.


Directed by Farnoosh Abedi

11 minutes | Iran | PG-13


Music was his passion...
Love was his masterpiece...


​Directed by Timothée Crabbé

7 minutes | Brussels, Belgium  | PG-13


Partners on stage and in life, acrobats Alec and Theo find each other in a perfect balance between lifting and flying, between leading and following, until this fragile balance is turned upside down by an accident. While Alec has to understand his physical situation, Theo climbs into the depths of his being, looking for the strength to deal with reality.



5 minutes | Japan | PG


The film is based on Bergson’s book ‘Creative Evolution’ and the modern art history related to the birth of Delaunay’s abstract art works.

The creative worlds of Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Delaunay and many artists to be connected each other. And the new story of evolution of life begins.

Where do I come From? What am I? Where am I going?
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?
Life keeps traveling across the universe.

Country Things

Directed by B.E.F. Oakes

2 minutes | Maplewood, NJ | G


Country things is an animated adaptation of the poem, "The Need of Being Versed in Country Things," by Robert Frost. The film utilizes a unique backlit-plasticine stop-motion animation technique.

Hot Pavement

Directed by Axel Kinnear

9 minutes | Toronto | PG-13


Under the scorching summer sun, two teenage suburbanites look for meaning and cause havoc in their neighbourhood.

Lah gah (Letting go)

Directed by Cécile Brun

6.5 minutes | Zürich, Switzerland | PG


"Lah gah" lets us dive into sunny childhood memories, when a girl is singing and cooking with her father. An intimate moment, so simple. But they’re swept along by the wafting mass of dough into the emotional depths of loss and disappearance; Helpless, the child is trying to grasp what is not tangible.


Directed by Elliot Gibson

4 minutes | Sydney, Australia | PG


Potion master, Anansi, is a man of many faces. Which face will he show an innocent boy in search of a potion for his sick father?

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Directed by Kasia Kwasniewska

4 minutes | London, UK | PG


Can you really trust your eyes, or can your perception change your day in seconds? Exploring the power of imagination, Kaleidoscope Eyes is a love letter to London and a tribute to daydreamers.


Directed by Ze Yi

3 minutes | New York, NY | PG


Long long ago, there was a young prince yearns for prove himself as a hero. He heard about a cliff with monster hiding under its shadow, so he set out on the journey to slay this monster. When he reached his destination, that monster is not the only thing he found—there was also a young lady been locked up by that creature. The Prince was determined to save the poor girl, yet he didn’t know, what end will this lead him to.


Directed by Thor Sivertsen

5.5 minutes | Norway | G


Abstract animation using stop-motion and digital techniques.

Langosta Blanca (White Lobster)

Directed by Paul Gomez Lopez

8.5 minutes | Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico | PG-13


3 humble fishermen surviving in a unpropitious sea, today they find a white lobster that will drag them to a dark greed path.


Directed by Asil Atay, Arden Colley, Kellie Fay, and Isabel Wiegand

4 minutes | Spain / Catalunya | PG-13


A young woman relives a pivotal moment that embodies her relationship with her mother.


Directed by Alessandra Rodriguez, Adam Pereira, and Elise Fedoroff

4.5 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG-13


Our story follows Gloria, an Italian mother with a heart full of love. However, Gloria struggles with great loss and even turns to addiction to numb the pain. Gloria's love is tested, and she must overcome her mental and emotional barriers to allow her love to thrive once again.


Directed by Felipe Sanchez

2 minutes | Sarasota, FL | PG-13


After a plane explodes and sends six people hurtling out towards the sky, everyone must decide what matters most to them and act on those thoughts. A couple, a mom and son, a priest, and a teenager must decide how they will survive their impending doom.


Directed by Laney Lai

2.5 minutes | New York, NY | PG


In the dystopian future, the earth is a dying planet. The human race has successfully annihilated nature. This is a glimpse of the hazardous world.

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