A Peculiar Fascination

Select Shorts: Mixed Ratings up to R
Mature/Adult Content
Approximate Running Time: 82 minutes

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All Jerk, No Work

Directed by Chris Lambourne

3:51 | R | Bristol, United Kingdom

The story of a young man who "got in touch" with himself over lockdown.


Directed by Yoon Hei Cho

3:50 | PG-13 | Valencia, CA

2D hand drawn experimental animation about an inconvenient attack at a parking lot.

Selection Process

Directed by Carla Pereira

3:30 | R | Valencia, Spain

A cat goes to a job interview where his aptitudes are assessed by three mice. As the interview progresses, the situation starts getting more and more awkward for everyone involved.


Directed by Aline Romero

5:42 | PG | Barcelona, Spain

During a full moon night, a cat is trapped inside a spooky house where a gramophone is playing, the cat will discover a secret while trying to escape and run for his life.


Directed by David Bombardier

5:35 | R | Montreal, Quebec

The omnipresence of the mobile phone in everyday life.

Dannika - Giving It Up

Directed by Magic Steven

4:48 | R | Melbourne, Australia

An animated music video for the song 'Giving It Up' by the Australian band 'Dannika'.

Sackhead Strikes Out!

Directed by Jon Sherin

5:40 | R | New York

Sackhead Strikes Out! is a visceral gag-a-minute comedy that seeks to create a harmony between retro cartoons and modernized sensibilities. The plot centers around a miscreant lemur causing trouble at a bowling alley, who finds himself slipping down the lanes and into a surreal wackyworld wherein he learns his lesson.

The Popping

Directed by Shelby Pogue

2:09 | R | Sarasota, Florida

A popcorn character from the “Let’s All go to The Lobby” advertisement accidentally runs off his film strip and into the world of the movie playing next, a slasher horror film.

The Dentist

Directed by Jeremy Speed Schwartz

4:00 | PG | Alfred NY, and Tokyo Japan

An adventure in tooth extraction with a handsome, powerful and successful dentist.

Being a Dog

Directed by Felix Swahn

8:03 | R | Stockholm, Sweden

Tim is longing for love.
He’s a lonely human being who struggles with exclusion every day. Every time Tim feels different than others he transforms into a french bulldog. Ginger makes Tim feel human. Ginger is an old friend of Tim`s whom he was in love with, unrequited love. Tim collides with Ginger in the street, they talk and become friends again.
After meeting Ginger Tim becomes a dog again. This time he chooses to enjoy being a dog and sees all the possibilities of a dog`s life. It’s good to be a human being but it’s good being a dog sometimes too.

Red: The color within

Directed by William Javier La Portilla

4:42 | NC-17 | Lima, Perú

Dannae, a young artist, is in search of red paint in order to finish a canvas she’ll be presenting soon, but as the only art supply store near her is closed, and with time against her, the night presents an offer that brings out her real nature.


Directed by Antonio Michele Stea

7:43 | PG-13 | Italy - Sannicandro di bari

The gaze belongs to the individual: always looking at the outside from the inside. Inside and out are the same image at a mirror. Here the space is not a space.

Are You Still Watching?

Directed by Alex Cardy, Tali Polichtuk, Kitty Chrystal

6:00 | R | , Melbourne, Australia/ Catalunya

Jamie is a 20 something year old non-binary person living in Melbourne. They’re whip-smart, creative and have an encyclopaedic knowledge of cinema and pop culture. They’re also single, bored and perpetually horny.

Forced into near-isolation during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown, Jamie keeps themselves entertained bingeing on queer film and TV. What begins as mere escapism turns sensual when they start having sexual delusions involving their favourite queer characters. Fantasy and reality merge as they recount their erotic encounters to their physician Dr. Holland and receive an unusual diagnosis.

Are You Still Watching? explores the emancipatory power of the queer imagination, combining erotic fan fiction tropes, magical realism and a firm camp sensibility.

The Big Bang

Directed by Diego Medvedocky, Luis Aguer


An animated tale about the urgent need to meet again
and let everything explode.

We Got a Problem with Groundwater

Directed by Shelby Baldock

5:00 | R | Los Angeles, California

Based on the poetry of Noah C. Lekas, 'WE GOT A PROBLEM WITH GROUNDWATER' is a surreal animated tale through the history and mindset of the horrifying working conditions of the American Midwest, as one man begins to realize his fate may very well lie in the notebooks his factory produces on a mindless day-to-day basis.


Directed by Nina Patafi

1:33 | R | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In this 2D stop-motion animation, we dive into a world comprised of garbage.

Washing Machine

Directed by Alexandra Májová

5:02 | NC17 | Prague, Czech Republic

Wash and love.