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Approximate Running Time: 70 minutes

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Pua Warriors

Directed by Sophia Whalen

7:23 | PG | Honolulu & Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Pua Warriors is an animated action film about magical girls Leilani, Ayaka, and Jasmine who need to prevent a sludge monster from destroying their hometown on Hawaiʻi island. But team leader Leilani is unable to use her full pua power to fight, how can they win?


Directed by Meg Strachan

3:01 | PG | Sydney, NSW, Australia

Break follows the story of Lee, a young woman living alone in her small apartment. After a long day at work, Lee comes home to kick back and watch some TV. Her plans for a relaxing evening are disputed, however, when she notices that, in the mirror on her wall, her reflection isn’t moving. A strange cloud of sentient, black smoke begins leaking from the vent behind her reflection and drifting towards her.


Directed by Rafael Vidal & Julián Gómez

4:39 | PG | Albacete, Spain, Europe

Agapito is a vampire mosquito who lives with his family. Everyone likes to go to the cemetery tavern every night to drink shots of fresh blood, but all he cares about is music. He plays the trumpet and has always dreamed of playing in a real orchestra.

One day, Agapito leaves the niche and travels far from home, where he meets the members of the musical group “La Chica Charcos & The Katiuskas Band”. From that moment on, he will embark on an adventure that will lead him to stardom as a trumpeter.


Directed by Mina Cvetinovic Pavkov

6:09 | PG-13 | Novi Sad and Belgrade - Serbia

Hardly any customer, especially if they have a sweet tooth, can resist the lovely granny who sells the most beautiful leather garments in her charming little store. If only they would give themselves over to her crafty hands, and go behind the curtain...


Directed by Mav Vitale, Ollie Yao, Ben Meyer, Kaitlin Yu, Heather Yun, Alex Yun, Deniz Mani, Westine Leung

3:32 | G | New York, NY

Outgrow is a short animated film about growing up, and growing out of the place you once called home.

Joel Sarakula - Sunshine Makes Me (Official Music Video)

Directed by Julia Specht

4:20 | G | Hamburg, Germany


The Dark Odyssey

Directed by Michael Lavine

8:31 | PG-13| Brooklyn, New York

A brave captain and his faithful mate transport a captive warrior, who holds The Inventory of The Mind, across the interstellar line. When their ship is forced to navigate an asteroid field, their mission is jeopardized.

Escape Velocity

Directed by Tamás Rebák

7:43 | G | Budapest, Hungary

Escape velocity: the minimum speed needed for an object to escape from the gravitational influence of a massive body, without ever falling back.

An astronaut awakens in an abandoned cave of a strange planet. An interstellar vagabond, so to say. A light path leads him to the surface, where he looks at his compass and heads for his spaceship. He keeps glancing back, treading nervously, looking afraid. He has been chased by a creature for a long time, and his only way to break free is to escape this curious planet.


Directed by Harrison Fleming

4:55 | PG13 | United Kingdom

Four retired mountaineers reminisce and boast about the crippling injuries they sustained attempting to conquer a mythical mountain in their youth. Their nostalgic ramblings turn to horrors as their wounds seek to consume them.


Directed by Adam Bohorquez

5:53 | PG | New York

A mysterious fella wanders the winter wasteland, collecting quarters.

Next Step Beyond

Directed by Angier Peng

3:15 | G | Taipei, Taiwan

In the not-too-distant future, mankind’s dream of space exploration is still ongoing. When going to the boundless deep space, we are always facing dangers and setbacks. This is a story about taking the next step and going further than our predecessors.

Unwanted Gift

Directed by Bomin Lee

7:40 | PG13 | South Korea

At dark night, a girl in an alley has her gift back from a woman, which she didn't want.

The Box Assassin

Directed by Jeremy Schaefer

2:42 | PG13 | Sarasota, Florida

A pizza delivery boy finds himself in the middle of a clash between a gangster boss and a legendary assassin who the boy has unknowingly delivered instead of pizza.


Directed by Felippe Steffens

7:06 | PG13 | Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

An astronaut spends his days at the International Space Station waiting for a return.


Directed by Pablo Roldan, Ezequiel Torres

4:33 | PG | CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

They are from different species. Their worlds are separated. They don´t know each other, but their instincts lead them to be one. The force of destruction is what moves them, and despite their fears, they need to be together.




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