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Approximate Running Time: 120 minutes

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Directed by Tse Zi Yi, Jeannie

4:00 | G | Hong Kong, China

In a world where everyone's head is made of a balloon, Balloon man goes to work and passes through different balloons where some float and some do not. He goes into his office and starts to work. But what kind of job does a balloon has?

to ashes

Directed by Krislyn Koehn

0:55 | G | College Station, Texas

An endless cycle in which a woman discovers fire, falls in love with it, and sets herself ablaze... only to reemerge from the ashes.


Directed by Joe Chang

4:32 | G | Vancouver, BC., Canada

The film is about an artist's real life and pious prayers.

How he went away

Directed by Aleksandr Gorbunov

2:41 | PG-13 | Russia

A man is walking across a strange, surreal desert. Finally, he comes over to a place with levitating objects and a globe. The man speaks to the globe as if it were the world itself. He says his goodbye and then disappears. The desert turns into a theater scene, where we see this man as a director, who finishes the film shouting: "Cut!"

my dear quarantine

Directed by Ewa Maria Wolska

5:19 | G | Lodz, Poland

"My dear quarantine" is a short, simple story from the time of pandemic–a poetic view of isolation, loneliness and boredom.

I Want to Be the Ocean

Directed by Raman Djafari

1:07 | G | Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

A small community in the woods experiences flooding. The people of the city recite a poem, admitting to their doubts. A meandering film about identity, uncertainty and the hope to escape it.

World Theatre

Directed by Matic Percic

5:25 | PG-13 | Kranj, Slovenia, Europe

The movie talks about a little girl with singing talent, who is stretched between parents, world expectations, and time and she gets torn apart and forgotten from world theatre.


Directed by Mulan Fu

5:39 | R | New York City, New York

A teenage girl undergoes a transformative growth as she witnesses her mother's fight against breast cancer.

A Family That Steals Dogs

Directed by John C. Kelley

7:30 | PG-13 | Knoxville, TN

Strange experiences and realizations lead a grieving artist to reconsider his identity and beliefs in this meditation on grief, family and mental illness.

The Organized Life

Directed by Patrick Yu Wang, Nguyet Nghi Duong

2:29 | G | New York City, New York

"The Organized Life" is a 3D animated short film that presents the relationship between mother and son through the son solving the issue of not being able to control himself from organizing everything in life.

Sad Beauty

Directed by Arjan Brentjes

9:50 | PG-13 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species. When she falls ill due to a bacterial infection, nature appears to send her a message in her hallucinations.

Home of my memories

Directed by Javier Lafon

6:05 | G | New York and Mexico

This 7 years in the making short film will bring back all the memories of those who taught us something invaluable.

"A kid find his passion through the experience of his grandfather, all of those teachings come alive in a truly wonderful way."

Lost and Found

Directed by Éva Adorján

1:52 | PG | Budapest, Hungary, Europe

Theater director Dadiow Lin recalls one of her 5-year-old dreams.

Something Borrowed

Directed by Micky Wozny

8:00 | G | Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK

Pen to paper, a sweet old woman (Jane Horrocks) can’t find the right words. But when she lends her pen to a hopeless young chap (Jason Watkins) a whirlwind of a chase ensues. Struggling to reach him, she begins to realise it’s more than just words that elude her.


Directed by Katariina Lillqvist

7:27 | PG | Finland

When the last bullfighting arena in Catalonia has turned into a shopping mall, an old matador has to earn his living in the bars of Barcelona. One night, a bored Russian president pops in, trying to freshen up his too long holidays. In no time he feels an urgent desire to try on his luck as a corrido hero before it is too late.


Directed by Carlo Puoti

5:15 | PG13 | Milan, Italy

In a little town on the slopes of a high mountain, a sorcerer models the clay to create a giant Golem, and orders him to kill an old rival. The newborn creature sets off, ready to accomplish his task, but along the way he starts to lose track of time..

Sorry, I don't understand

Directed by Natalie Feoktistova

5:55 | PG | Brussels, Belgium

A careless foreign student, without knowledge of the local language, arrives to a new country and tries to reach the school. Through a series of funny situations, her ignorance will help her to make the wrong choices for the rest of her life.

Sliced Fruit

Directed by Hye Lynn Park

4:25 | G | Los Angeles, CA

A story of a Chinese immigrant mother's love told through sliced fruit.

The Taste of Brightness

Directed by Rachel Fishman

9:42 | PG | Cologne, Germany

From the perspective of twins in the womb, the experience of prenatal life is sketched as a parallel world. The impressions of the embryos from their time in the womb, as well as the relationships between the outside world with the twins are depicted in a poetic and amusing way.

The Sound of Memory

Directed by Ruo Hsin Wu

5:18 | Y | London, UK

An animation that explores issues around dementia based on the director’s own childhood memories. It aims to re-examine meanings of time, perception and relationships with physical surroundings for those who suffer with dementia. In the film, fragments of memory and poetic observations of everyday details are woven with research into dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, to explore the effects of ordinary moments within the deterioration of memory.


Directed by Anaïs Mauzat

3:40 | PG | Brussels, Belgium

How can we reconnect to our energy sources? How can we wake up to our life? Like the seeds that suddenly start their germination process, a woman's body tries to come out of its torpor.

When the Sun Came - Nick Jonah Davis

Directed by Mixed Milk. (AKA Martin McNally)

3:21 | G | Birmingham, UK

Using found imagery to take a journey through our enduring reverence for the sun.




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