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Pegasus Tales

Directed by Monica Violet Joy

4:29 | G | New York, New York

Pegasus Tales is an empowering, animated tale of adventure, wit, and fearlessness. Pegasus is a tiny horse seeking big adventures, specifically under the ocean to learn what whales dream about. Join Pegasus as she teaches us all to be brave, to always be ourselves, and to accept all others, whether they have hooves, fins, or tails.

Beyond the Line

Directed by Jinuk Choi

3:16 | G | New York

A wheelchair dreams of one day being fast like a racing car. One night, the wheelchair decides to do its own race in the hospital
hallway. Will the wheelchair be able to fulfill his dream tonight?

The Broken Candle

Directed by Felix Kiner


The Broken Candle tells the heartwarming tale of Nira, a broken Hanukkah candle who becomes the shamash ("lead candle" of the hanukkiah) on the last night of the Festival of Lights.


Directed by Tomoko Inaba

5:36 | PG | Tokyo, JAPAN

"PATTERNS" is a martial arts competition. The winner can change the pattern of the city. Zebra and crocodile are in the final. The paper puppets stand up and fight for their pattern.

Cautionary Tales for Wayward Children

Directed by Scott Farrell

1:30 | PG-13 | Queens, NY

A child learns the dangers of lying.

Chasing Stars

Directed by Laura Aldofredi

2:21 | G | Den Bosch, Netherlands

The film tells the magic journey of a young girl, who’s looking for her home and own place in the world.
The journey takes place in the Arctic and the main character is helped by a very special friend, a Beluga whale.

Star Thief

Directed by Julia Stella

4:47 | PG | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (with sound produced in Dublin, Ireland)

A giant fish eats the stars and knocks the Moon out of the sky when it tries to eat her too. Before the stars are all gone, the Moon must do whatever she can to retrieve them.

Wide Awake

Directed by Liliana Brown, Katherine Maleki

4:30 | G | Long Beach, California

In a fantasy world the main character Lilun discovers connections between reality and fear that they eventually overcome with the help of loved ones.


Directed by Zsofia Katona

3:31 | G | Redodndo Beach, California

A naïve young girl, Norabelle learns to let go of her need to control the day and finds joy at an unexpected place.


Directed by Mengyuan Guo, Naicheng Liu, Suhn Young Chung

2:26 | PG | Sarasota, Florida

A desperate thief tries to steal from a magician, but instead is sucked into the magical world inside of the magician’s pocket.




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