Southeast Delights

Select Shorts: Suggested rating PG through PG-13 with one R
Films from the Southeast United States
Approximate Running Time: 58 minutes (virtual)

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This program is playing at All Saints Cinema on Thursday, 6/10 at 7 pm with a run time of 72 minutes

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Super Generic

Directed by Di Lu

1:39 | PG | Sarasota, Florida

A character model sheet tries to change himself after getting critique from an instructor saying that he was “super generic”.

The West Patch Pilot

Directed by Hannah R Mangan, Rachel M Mangan

7:58 | PG | Atlanta, GA

In a dark satire of 90's cartoons, The West Patch is set in a world where a deceased author's legacy of children's books is being shilled as a cartoon, but the production is cursed, and the characters' consequence-free lifestyle starts to tear away.

Tapped Out

Directed by Logan Webb

1:50 | PG-13 | Sarasota, Florida

Life for the Viking beer tap handle, Grogg, is an easy one. However, it is upended when a man, hopelessly drunk, decides to drive home. Forced to leave his tap, Grogg relentlessly pursues the man in a desperate attempt to save his life and the
lives of others.


Directed by L. Ash

3:43 | PG-13 | Raleigh, North Carolina

"Spotlight" is the official music video for Barnaby Bright's 2021 single. The narrative explores fame and celebrity in the volatile age of social media


Directed by Sea Jin Park

3:22 | G | Atlanta GA

Jellyfish find out that reckless boat drivers in Florida cause the manatees’ injuries. Jellyfish provide light barriers between the manatees and the boat to protect their friends.

Two Different Kinds of Love

Directed by Alyce Vest

5:45 | PG | Savannah, Georgia

A little girl is excited to discover more about her adoption story.

Mime Your Manners

Directed by Kate Namowicz, Skyler Porras

3:21 | PG | Sarasota, Florida

An arrogant man named Julian is transformed into a mime. Given a taste of his own medicine, he must grow to be a better person to be freed.

Jack The Radio: Creatures

Directed by Justin Zimmerman

3:25 | PG13 | Raleigh, North Carolina

Jack confronts creatures both real and imaginary on an extraordinary animated visual rollercoaster created with some of the comic world’s finest artists. Jack emerges triumphant, reborn… and the lead singer of the best band around to boot.

Costume Change Forever

Directed by John Harlan Norris

8:28 | PG | Lexington, Kentucky

Costume Change Forever explores the construction of persona through the lens of animated portraiture. Based on Director John Harlan Norris' ongoing series of conceptual portrait paintings, the film uses a variety of animation methods to investigate the complicated and relentless task of presenting self at a time in which our likenesses have become increasingly malleable, fraught, and self-searching.

The Old Shepherd

Directed by Diana Thien

3:52 | PG-13 | Richmond, VA

An old shepherd must defend his flock from a vicious pack of wolves, by whatever means necessary.

Tango Sparks

Directed by Maureen Zent

3:06 | PG-13 | Atlanta, GA

Two lonely people wait at the edge of a dance floor. Can the siren call of the tango help them overcome their reserve?

Frank Dreams: Samurai Frank

Directed by Landon Lovette

2:10 | PG | Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Frank dreams he is the star of an old Samurai movie.


Directed by Angela Hernandez

2:00 | PG-13| Orlando, FL

"A worsening problem continues to threaten the stability of our future."

Guardian Surprise Attack

Directed by Kevin Kalbfeld

1:07 | PG | Orlando, FL

A peaceful walk in the woods turns into a brush with death when a traveler unearths an ancient power that will change his fate, forever.


Directed by Mengyuan Guy, Naicheng Liu, Suhn Young Chung

2:26 | PG | Sarasota, Florida

A desperate thief tries to steal from a magician, but instead is sucked into the magical world inside of the magician’s pocket.

The Very Hungry Ducky

Directed by Ariel Song

2:05 | PG-13 | Sarasota, Florida

Narrated like a children's book, a hungry duck indulges in the world's copious amounts of food, unknowing of the evils that follow it.

Bear With Me

Directed by Rodrigo Chapoy

2:13 | PG | Sarasota, Florida

There is joy everywhere when a polar bear marries a grizzly bear. Unfortunately winter comes and puts the grizzly to sleep. The polar bear tries to be with her sleeping husband at all times and make the holidays a special moment. After several months of trying and failing, she is tired and feels lonely. She finally gives up yet the next morning she wakes to a surprise.

The Popping

Directed by Shelby Pogue

2:09 | R | Sarasota, Florida

A popcorn character from the “Let’s All go to The Lobby” advertisement accidentally runs off his film strip and into the world of the movie playing next, a slasher horror film.

The Box Assassin

Directed by Jeremy Schaefer

2:42 | PG-13 | Sarasota, Florida

A pizza delivery boy finds himself in the middle of a clash between a gangster boss and a legendary assassin who the boy has unknowingly delivered instead of pizza.

Dead Fish

Directed by Will Pak

2:50 | PG | Chantilly, VA

A bored kid at a beach notices a dead fish wash ashore which gives him the idea to bury it. However, things get absurd once the boy sets up an entire funeral service to give the fish a proper sendoff.

Peace and Quiet

Directed by Sarah Hamilton

3:16 | G | Richmond, VA

A ghost is tired of kids breaking into her house on Halloween and decides to try scaring them away, but her efforts only encourage them.