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A Couplet of Deep Thoughts

Select Shorts: Ratings up to PG-13, with one "mild"-R-rated short.
Pensive / Abstract
Approximate Running Time: 70 minutes

Streaming in this year's Virtual Festival available only from June 9-26 on

Password to the .... FAF-22_121  (3).jpg
Password to the *****

The basis of returning to global nature is to get to know the nature within us - our own nature - and to look at the process of individual (personality) development as a component of a global phenomenon.

The film brings a poem to life that winds between childhood memories, diary notes, and their adult interpretation, reflecting the issues raised by the search for the meaning of existence and the feeling of frequent hopelessness. Jumping between dreams, nightmares, and confused memories, Grandma’s timeless, safe figure links to the stars that show a path in the dark as the shining responses of the universe. At the same time, through their continuous transformation during the poem, they embody the only constant thing as well - the change itself.

Square Dance No.1 FAF-22_201.png

Square Dance No. 1

Eunmi Kang

Busan, South Korea

MM, Independent



Repeated Flashing Images

Random square patterns obtained by rubbing folded kitchen napkins with black ink turn into spontaneously improvised movements of shapes and textures.

Outsider FAF-22_242  (6).jpg


Shuo Liu


StMo, Independent



Stylized Nudity

The magic between ‘frames’ acts on clay, the table becomes a contradictory object that can be soft and hard. Some people get into it, but others are not. There is no differentiation between superior and inferior or right or wrong in this place, but how we face the world.

The Luggage Room FAF-22_252  (4).jpg

The Luggage Room

Daniela Cuenca

Valencia, Spain

3D, Student


G, Subtitles

Soledad, a 65-year-old immigrant, fills a suitcase with gifts to send her family, as she embarks on a journey of fantasies and memories about her loved ones and the countless objects she has accumulated for them in a mountain of baggage inside her small room.

The Hole FAF-22_230  (3).jpg

The Hole

Piotr Kaźmierczak

Legnica, Poland

Debut, Solo



A short story about struggling with lack, emptiness, loneliness.

Warmth FAF-22_154  (3).jpg


Nathania Zaini

Los Angeles, California

StMo, Professional



Warmth is a story about daily encounters between a passerby and a homeless person in the street of Los Angeles. It explores the empathy and human connections that are often overlooked.

Nurture FAF-22_145 (5).jpg


Ying-Fang Shen

Richmond, Virginia

2D, Independent



Stylized Nudity, Breastfeeding

Breastmilk comes quietly into the world at the time of birth to raise newborns. Sometimes they go even further and nourish more little lives through milk banks.

Duet FAF-22_138  (3).jpg


Yadid Hirschtritt Licht

Chicago, Illinois

FxF, Student



Duet is an animated short film that explores the persistence of love, the transcendence of music, and the heartache of losing a loved one. The story centers on a cat who is adopted by an elderly woman. The two connect as the woman teaches the cat to play piano. After the woman passes away, her daughter and grandson bring the cat home, where the cat has difficulty adjusting to the new environment and family. As the cat and grandson play a duet on the keyboard, the process of healing begins.

A Bite of Bone FAF-22_113  (7).jpg

A Bite of Bone

Honami Yano

Tokyo, Japan

FxF, Professional




A little girl reflects on her last summer with her father at his funeral.

Changece FAF-22_106  (6).jpg


Meera Krishnamurthy

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

MM, Independent



In Bengaluru, a woman navigates her fears in the Covid-19 pandemic using a deck of Tarot cards. The cards she draws- Justice, 7 of Pentacles and Death transform her inner and outer world. The animated piece also reveals an internal conflict between logic and intuition.

311 FAF-22_120  (4).jpg


Rachel Bavaresco

New York City, New York

2D, Student



Stylized Nudity

Three one one is a visual exploration of how intricately and beautifully connected people’s lives are. Starting at an apartment building at sunrise, the film takes the audience through windows and walls into living spaces and rooftops, but banality starts to take a different shape and form as we move from each vignette to the next. The residents, although unaware, play a role in the surrealist logic: one man’s mindless actions make up the world of another.

Autumn FAF-22_202 (5).jpg


Pim Christian

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

2D, Novice



Autumn brings the wind that carries a falling, withered leaf through the memories of a woman’s youth and her relationship with a once young man. But spring brings new light and life to withered leaves and lives.

Password to the .... FAF-22_121  (3).jpg


Rona Fayad

Lebanon, Beirut, Sin El Fil

FxF, Student 



Not included in virtual streaming

Enya's journey trying to make it as a dancer is hindered as her behaviors drag her downhill.


This film was withdrawn after judging was complete, so it currently exists in limbo... So far it remains an official selection that is unfortunately unable to stream in 2022's FAF.

Subjective Vision, Myriam Boccara FAF-22_133 (7).jpg

Subjective Vision, Myriam Boccara

Lionel Samain

Paris, France

FxF, Professional


G, Subtitles

Not included in virtual streaming.

Remains an Official Selection in Competition for overall awards.

"Subjective Vision" is an immersive adventure into the workshop of painter Myriam Boccara, that questions the intimate relationship between the artist and her work.

Oyasumi~Lullaby of Flame~ FAF-22_162 (1).jpg

Oyasumi ~Lullaby of Flame~

Arisa Wakami

Tokyo, Japan

StMo, Professional


G, Subtitles

Not included in virtual streaming.

Remains an Official Selection in Competition for overall awards.

It's the eve of the end of a long-lasting world and the beginning of a new one. The ancient gods of the earth gather to celebrate the new beginning. Everything returns to the Emptiness and is reborn. The end is the beginning. The beginning is the end. Darkness of light. Light of darkness. The universe of sleep and the sleep of the universe.


Sand painting animation and the sound of overtones invite you to a meditation-like world. Even in the midst of turbulent times, it is okay. Life goes on. A new world has already begun.


We will deliver to you such a quiet light of hope.

All films will be available for streaming only from June 9-26

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