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Sophisticated Moods

Select Shorts: This block is rated G - PG-13.
Surreal / Real
Approximate Running Time: 70 minutes

Streaming in this year's Virtual Festival available only from June 9-26 on

Tall Order FAF-22_259  (6).jpg
Tall Order

Christophe Bouchard

Redmond, Washington

2D, Student



At the height of the Prohibition, an unorthodox detective takes the mafia head-on.

Baloney Beacon FAF-22_257  (1).jpg

Baloney Beacon

Max Landman

San Francisco, California

StMo, Independent 



No description provided!

The Dog Who Brought Home the Sun FAF-22_143 (2).jpg

The Dog Who Brought Home the Sun

Stacy Li

Los Angeles, California

2D, Student 



In the dead of winter with no food and resources, a dog seeks to catch the sun.

Inspired by a popular Chinese folktale, celebrating the vivid imagery from the culture.

Marsh and the Moshki-Mallow FAF-22_239 (2).png

Seaton Kay-Smith

Sydney, Australia

MM, Independent



Marsh and Moshki set sail on the hunt for the Gilbigat Berry, but to get there they must pass through the domain of the Sea Witch. Episode 2 of the webseries Marsh the Moshki-Mallow season 2.

A Piece Of Cake FAF-22_235  (6).jpg


Tseng Taiwan

2D, Independent 


PG-13, Subtitles

No description provided!

The Pillar Of Strength FAF-22_176  (3).jpg

Ayie Ibrahim

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FxF, Studio



Rentap is the son of an Iban tribal warrior in the Borneo archipelago where his father, Kanang was a respected warrior and held fast to the hereditary beliefs of his ancestors. When an accident occurred while hunting in the jungle, Rentap got the encouragement from the War God ‘Sengalang Burong’ who helped him identify his origins and led him to take responsibility as an Iban child who set an example to his people by holding the slogan ‘Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban’.

Maggot FAF-22_222  (1).jpg

Mary Kate Magyar, Cozette Mead and Kristin Camera

Sarasota, Florida

3D, Student 



Following the gruesome death of Pear from a chest-bursting maggot, the young, terrified Apple must find a way to survive as she and her companions are hunted down, until she realizes that the only way to live is to fight back.

The Collecter FAF-22_206.png

Mikaela Carde, Aiden Kingry, & Sofia McClarnon

Tallahassee, Florida

Debut, Group or Class 



A stop motion video about a crow's collecting endeavors and love for music.

Gruf and Me FAF-22_123 (6).jpg

Dovi Keich

Tel Aviv, Israel

MM, Student 



Gruf is a graffiti character that comes to life in animation. When he falls in love with the street artist who created him, Gruf desperately tries to find her in the shabby streets of Tel Aviv and discovers that inter-dimensional love is not easy.

The Exortwist FAF-22_213  (2).jpg

Laura Koval &

Loren Baskin Almazan

Sarasota, Florida

3D, Student



A chocolate bar priest must perform an exorcism on a young twizzler.


The Third Lab

Barcelona, Spain

3D, Student



For the first time, a cute little creature will come outside to see the world. The creature will find surrounded itself by magic and adventures, but will everything be as beautiful as it seems?

The Dalang's Tale FAF-22_115 (8).jpg

The Dalang's Tale

Irwan Junaidy, Maizura Abas & Atiqah Abu Bakar

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

2D, Studio



Domestic Violence

The Dalang's Tale is an animated short film about domestic violence with visuals inspired by Malaysian traditional wayang kulit or shadowpuppets.

Two stories intertwine: one of a workaholic father and his growing impatience with his young son as they make their way to watch a shadow puppet master or dalang's show and the other of a man who dotes on his son but secretly inflicts acts of abuse on his wife before he disappears after a violent incident.creature will find surrounded itself by magic and adventures, but will everything be as beautiful as it seems?

Barking Orders (4).jpg

Barking Orders

Alexander Tullo

Sarasota, Florida

3D, Student



When the entire British Royal family tragically dies, the Queen's corgi finds himself next in line for the throne.

XS PLANET FAF-22_233 (2).png

Amir B Jahanbin

Brooklyn, New York

3D, Professional



Not included in virtual streaming.

Remains an Official Selection in Competition for overall awards.

A fuzzy, surreal animation exploring the human desire for fruit, the ways we consume it, and the ways it consumes us.

All films will be available for streaming only from June 9-26

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