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Southeast Delights

Select Shorts: This block has mixed ratings up to PG.​
SE-USA Spotlight
Approximate Running Time: 40 minutes

Streaming in this year's Virtual Festival available only from June 9-26 on

Biologic FAF-22_240  (3).jpg

Jeremy Speed Schwartz

Mableton, Georgia

2D, Independent



A writhing, complex, organic mass. Is it evolving? Is it breaking down? Does it strive for stability?

Lobstah Love FAF-22_214  (1).jpg

Lobstah Love

Olivia Coucci and Juliet Brown

Sarasota, Florida

3D, Student



A lonely lobster with destructive claws searches for love on the beach by holding hands with anything red she can find.

Hungry FAF-22_254  (2).jpg


Hanke Wang

Savannah, Georgia

MM, Student



The monster that devoured the planet turned out to be... A UFO?

weak sauce.jpg

Weak Sauce

JJ Fila

Sarasota, Florida

3D, Student



A timid American asks his Thai girlfriend’s father for his blessing in their marriage, but when he realizes the only way to gain his approval is by eating insanely spicy Thai food, his imagination thrusts him into a heated fight with her hot sauce father.

Destination Disquiet FAF-22_192.png

Isabella Calderon, Victoria Thompson

St. Petersburg, Florida

Debut, Group or Class



A woman gets overwhelmed by the claustrophobia of her daily train ride.

ROOT FAF-22_183  (3).jpg

Seyoung Jang

Atlanta, Georgia

2D, Student



Root is a magical journey about Hana, exploring the world and struggling to expand her boundaries. Hana and the characters all face difficulties accepting each other over their difference. However, they all come to accept one another after realizing what they all have in common.

Pick UP FAF-22_157 2.png

Rufina Madeleine Lusida, Seyoung Jang

Atlanta, Georgia

3D, Student



Jonah, a high school drama club enthusiast, has a crush on his class mate, Beth; the school volleyball captain. Feeling uneasy to reach out to her as himself, he fantasizes acting in different personas to catch her attention. Little does he know, they both share the same feeling until an unexpected incident brings them together.

Whisper, Rustle FAF-22_139  (7).jpg

Maureen Zent

Atlanta, Georgia

StMo, Independent



Order gives way to chaos. Chaos generates ferment. Ferment spurs fecundity.

Whisper, Rustle is a product of the Covid-19 pandemic, born of long walks in the forest spent memorizing poems by W.B. Yeats. Emergency measures disrupted regular patterns of human behavior and fear upended all normal interactions. The disequilibrium unsettled everyone but also brought a new understanding of the fragility of our sense of order.

Whisper, Rustle depicts this cycle with animation of natural and stylized elements drawn primarily from Yeats’s poems and prose. Stop motion animated objects include sand, pebbles, flower petals, oak bark, leaves, gravel, sponges, seeds, egg shells, a rotting log.

A Journey Through Hell FAF-22_122  (3).jpg

A Journey Through Hell

Caleb Cook

Jacksonville, Florida

StMo, Novice



A skeleton traverses the depths of hell in search of companionship.

Specimen 7 FAF-22_128  (4).jpg

Specimen 7

Olivia Mercurio

Savannah, Georgia

3D, Student



Living on an alien planet, is a tiny aquatic creature. It’s peaceful life is interrupted when a mysterious spaceship lands on its world and it meets an astronaut. The astronaut brings the creature back to his home world to be displayed as a scientific specimen and the creature longs for its home. Knowing that it will never see its home again, the creature can only cherish the memories of its previous life.

Cave Ablaze FAF-22_117 (4).jpg

Cave Ablaze

Daniel Williams

Savannah, Georgia

3D, Student



Cave Ablaze follows the story of a cowardly caveman who must learn to make fire with the help of his living cave paintings in order to survive.

Alienated FAF-22_282.png


Rori Links

Jacksonville, Florida

2D, Student



Not included in virtual streaming.

Remains an Official Selection in Competition for overall awards.

Space travel takes a long time. It gets lonely out there. One could only wish for a companion on the long journey…

All films will be available for streaming only from June 9-26

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