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Tuneful Toons & Droll Drawings

Select Shorts: This block is rated G - PG-13, with one R.
Music & Comedy
Approximate Running Time: 60 minutes

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Beats FAF-22_268  (5).jpg

Tamara Ajzensztat

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2D, Novice



Stylized Nudity

Olivia is a pianist who uses her lovers’ heartbeats to compose the songs for her album.

One day, she finds a stethoscope on her piano and while her cat takes a stroll on the piano keys she takes the opportunity to listen to its heartbeat. To her surprise, the feline’s heartbeats have a musicality that fills her with inspiration, and she starts to translate every beat into a piano note. Unwittingly, she finds an infallible composition method. Then, an idea pops up: seeking hearts to use heartbeats as melodies.

In the search of different musicalities, she turns from one lover to another. Using this method, she creates new songs and moves forward in her work. But when she is about to finish her album, the encounter with the last heart faces her with love, and in this case, she can only hear silence.

This story speaks about that moment prior to artistic creation, that moment when we turn to someone else to find something that, actually, lies within us.


The Futzees

Ken Cantrill

Melbourne, Australia

3D, Studio



On a purple planet just beyond the Earth’s gravitational pull lies the field of dreams in the middle of the city of Futzonia.

Here FUTZees Rules. There is Monday night Futzee, Thursday night Futzee, Friday night Futzee and of course weekend Futzee. To play off in the Premier Futzee Cup Team RUBY needs to climb the ladder by beating any team in its path.

The Futzees are a mischievous bunch of Futsal loving trouble making aliens living on the planet Futzonia.

Using unconventional tactics dreamt up by their coach Uno, they bend the rules and push Ref Raph to the limit. The series follows their road to the ultimate playoff together with exclusive looks at behind the scenes footage and dubious game plans.

School Lunch FAF-22_136 3.png

School Lunch

Skylar Wilson

Nashville, Tennessee

2D, Independent



A 2D animated short that takes us all back to those magic days in the school cafeteria.

Soothsayin' Saloon FAF-22_208  (3).jpg

Abby Fitzgerald

Sarasota, Florida

3D, Student



A wanted cowboy gets conned by a lively, bounty-hunting soothsayer.

Saturday Morning FAF-22_194 2.png

Isabella Calderon

St. Petersburg, Florida

Debut, Solo



Sickly boy struggles to come to terms with the recent passing of his mother.


Dante Zaballa

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2D, Professional


G, Subtitles

"I’m missing you on a summer night "
Music video for Miranda!

Boys Night in Sidera Institute FAF-22_185  (9).jpg

Adam Musa Othman

Southern California

2D, Student



Two scientists roam in the institute they work for, way past curfew.

Ruff and Buff FAF-22_140  (5).jpg

Mee Hu

Irvine, California

StMo, Student



A grandma, Harmony, wants to join the "Doggy Beauty" dog show with her little dog, Thor. Harmony has a big dream for  Thor, but the little dog has another plan in mind. Before the big dog show, Harmony and Thor emBARK on some serious doggie training.

koyote kevin.png

Koyote Kevin Teaches Respect

Matt Ley

London, England

2D, Professional



Two kids in detention are made to watch an old-school PSA about an important aspect of everyday life.

Bebot FAF-22_130  (6).jpg


Mark Lenard Mendoza

San Juan City, Philippines

2D, Studio


PG-13, Subtitles


A small-town beauty thrust into 1800’s stardom. Loosely based on Philippine folklore, this animated short defines “hot girl problems."

Cosmic Cooking FAF-22_129  (4).jpg

Cosmic Cooking

Rachel Cooley

Branchburg, New Jersey

2D, Student



A meditative short that explores the idea of the cosmic egg.

Rawr Rawr Land FAF-22_209  (4).jpg

Rawr Rawr Land

Antonio Montilla

Sarasota, Florida

3D Student



Amidst the end of the world, one dinosaur wants to take shelter, and one wants to dance the night away.

band royale.png

The Band Royale - "Superman" Music Video

Samuel A. Morris

Wesley Chapel, Florida

2D, Independent



Not included in virtual streaming.

Remains an Official Selection in Competition for overall awards.

No description provided!

Blinkity Fingers FAF-22_134  (3).jpg

Blinkity Fingers

Kenta Nomura


MM, Independent



Flashing Images

Not included in virtual streaming.

Remains an Official Selection in Competition for overall awards.

Fingers that touch an instrument when playing music are not recognized by listeners. Similarly in animation, the existence of hands that draw the pictures is hidden from viewers. This work visualizes fingers and hands which are invisible in music and animation.

This work is a visualization of a piano piece "Fugue - homage to Maurice Ravel" by Sumio Kobayashi, a composer of contemporary music.

I created this animation by rotoscoping the footage of the performer's hands playing the piano. It was the rule to choose and draw the frames of the moment when the fingers press the keyboard and make a sound from the video shot at 30 frames per second. In drawing, I picked up the details of the parts rather than tracing the whole contours of the hands and fingers, and left undrawn blank frames between the drawn frames. I worked on drawing intermittently from February 2020 to August 2021, started from the beginning of the music and moved towards the end, and drew them just according to the shape and movement of the fingers in the video.

In this way I transferred the music to images through drawing the fingers, and thus the movements and blinks of this animation arose out of the process.

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