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Join us for the party!

Get ready for the festival with the talented animators of the FSU Film School!

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No, that's not a typo, it's the AniMotion Social! What’s the AniMotion Social? It’s where animation meets people in motion! Think of it as the stop before the station. Kick off the festival with us at CoLab @ The Pod, a local co-working and event space, where we’ll eat, drink, mix, mingle--but the party doesn’t stop there! Six emerging animators fresh out of the FSU Film School will present their short films-in-progress and host individual Q&A sessions about their filmmaking experiences. This is your chance to learn and network with emerging and established animators!

DATE: Thursday, June 13th


TIME: 6:00 pm

LOCATION: CoLab @ The Pod, 124 Marriott Dr. Ste 104 (32301)

TICKETS: $20 at the door, $10 online

Look below for the list of films to be shown during the social, and a short synopsis of each film!

FSU Film Screening

Owl Glass

Directed by Shae Demandt


As a ruthless storm approaches one evening, and wizard casts a spell to freeze his wife in time, saving her from death. However, he lacks to knowledge to bring her back into the mortal world fully, and begins to research an answer. As seasons change, the young wife grows more distant from her husband, and chooses to place her fate into her own hands.


Directed by Cutter Davis


An arcade token is sitting at a desk in boredom when he gets called on by a blaring alarm to exit the coin machine. Enthused, he bolts for the chute, but amidst his wild trip to the dispenser he falls short while doing an epic flip and must work his way back up to the top using various parkour methods to climb the maze of pipes that stand before him and his lifelong dream.


Directed by Jillian Lucia


LUZ, an overprotective inventor is terrified of losing his only creation, a clockwork bird named Sprocket. When Sprocket decides to explore further than she has ever before, LUZ tries to prevent her from leaving with armor he made to protect her. Unable to fly under the weight of the armor, she lets go of her dream of flying free. LUZ, realizing the full weight of what he's done, removes the armor and lets her go.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Directed by Chelsea Low


A young girl named Apollonia collects sun rays in jars to use as protection on rainy days. She depends on them to shield her from the booming thunder, the ghostly winds, and sharp rain. However, when the most violent and ugly thunderstorm arrives, Apollonia finds herself with only two jars of sun left. Will she be able to make the jars last or will she have to face the storm on her own.


Directed by Maria Passafarro


When Bull Sluice, an inexperienced Kayak, is brought to the river by his owner, Adam, the assumed peaceful outing escalates. Bull's aquaphobia rears its head and leads to his rider forcing the terrified Kayak into the water. Bull is caught between his love for his owner and his fear of water. Now, the kayak must decide whether he will allow his owner to treat him this way, muscling him into the river, or resist Adam.


Directed by Brenda Arena


Through a tear in his match box, a young matchstick, Flicker, finally witnesses what happens to matches outside the safety of their home. Upon seeing his friend go up in flames, Flicker fears for his life as he is pulled out of the box. He manages to escape, but must then choose to survive or to sacrifice himself for his brother.

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