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Square Station

Bryan Salter

Bryan Salter is an animator from Georgia. His film, Square Station, is Frame-by-Frame/Traditional comedy film from the 2017 Florida Animation Festival.

FAF: Your film is funny, even without any dialogue. What advice do you have for your fellow animators on creating visual humor?


My goal with this film was to create a modern, comedic version of a "silent film." This was certainly a challenge, given how most of us have become accustomed to humor through dialogue. During my storyboarding process, I always thought to myself, "how can I take this scene, set up an expectation, and then do something completely different?" The idea is to make the audience think for a brief moment about what will happen during each shot, and then doing your best to surprise them.


FAF: What is the sound effects process like for you? Do you create your own sounds or use premade sounds?


The sound effects in the film were almost entirely pre-made (albeit very precisely chosen), and the music was all original. I knew I wanted something that sounded contemporary, but also had proper timing with the film's events. Putting music in sync with the action often adds to the humor value.

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