Big Finds a Trumpet

Dan Castro


Dan Castro's Big Finds a Trumpet is a bright film with an open meaning. The movie received an honorable mention in the frame-by-frame/traditional category at the 2017 Florida Animation Festival.

FAF: Your style is really bright and colorful! How did you develop this?


DC: I've always loved cartoons and animated films from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and they're often super bright and cheerful. But, until recently, a lot of my animation work has been in black and white. So, I thought I'd try and do something a bit different! I like to paint and design things too and a lot of that was quite colourful, so I tried to bring some of that to it, using a few really bright colours. I think in my future work I'm going to try and find a middle ground between the two somewhere–I'm not great with colour, but it's fun to play!


FAF: What's the main message or feeling you want people to take from Big Finds a Trumpet?


DC: I think, if I'm totally honest, I just want people to have fun watching it and take whatever they want from it. For me, it's about relationships and a really tiny simple microcosm of how complicated they can be–liking someone but them really annoying you too–but I don't want to be like, "It's a film about this," because it's not! It started off as a bit of an experiment that developed into something quite cheerful, and happy, and if people come away from it feeling happy, or sad, or...I dunno, vengeful, then I think that's kind of cool, as long as they enjoyed it. Someone once told me, "It looks like you had a lot of fun making it," and that's really stuck with me and has become something really important when making new stuff–I like to play!

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