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The 7th Annual Florida Animation Festival is proud to bring you a wide array of films from around the world. The festival is hosted virtually on GUMROAD, a platform that allows you to customize your festival experience and “pay what you want” per program block with a minimum of $5. 


Program blocks are $5 each, and we offer an All-Access Pass for $30 that includes all 10 programs with over 100 films at your fingertips.


The way GUMROAD works is simple once you get the hang of it, but we thought we’d make this handy-dandy walkthrough guide to help show step-by-step how to activate your all-access pass and easily view all the films at your leisure.

Screenshots below are from a previous festival to reference, please know that titles will not match this year's line-up!


How Do I Purchase An All-Access Pass?

When you go to this is the landing screen:

FAF All Access Pass Guide_001.jpg

Click on the FAF ALL-ACCESS PASS. This is the screen you will see:

FAF All Access Pass Guide_002.jpg

The most important part of this screen is this:

“Purchase this all-access pass for $30 and we will email you with your special discount code that you will use during checkout when you purchase the program you want to watch! Please note, each pass is individually stamped and may take several minutes to process. When it's ready, you will receive a view/download link in your email receipt.”

The basic steps to get your pass are:

  • Type in $30 (or more if you would like to help support our non-profit!) and add to cart.

  • Go to the top right shopping cart and click “checkout”

  • Enter some basic information (email, where you are, how many people are watching) and your payment information into the secure checkout menu pictured below and click PAY

  • You will now be emailed your receipt and unique ALL-ACCESS PASS code


How do I apply my code?

  • Go back to FAF’s main GUMROAD page 

  • Individually add each program you wish to watch to your cart by clicking on each and entering $5 into the price box

  • Once you have the desired programs in your cart (all 10 would total $50) click “checkout”

FAF All Access Pass Guide_003.jpg
  • You will once again be asked to enter your basic info and here is where you ADD YOUR ALL-ACCESS PASS CODE to the discount code blank at the bottom of the checkout screen. You should not be asked to complete payment information if the code is accepted.

FAF All Access Pass Guide_004.jpg
  • You will immediately receive a watch link to stream each block after you click purchase/pay.

FAF All Access Pass Guide_005.jpg
  • From there, all the films will be added to your content library* :)

  • You can access the content library at the top bar where it says library.

* In order to have a content library, you do not need to have an account but it helps keep things organized and easier to access.  If you decide to not set up an account but want to watch the films later/split up watching them over three days, then you can click on the link that was emailed to you when you checked out to begin streaming.  Once you begin watching a program you have three days to finish it, otherwise you need to “purchase” it again with your AAP code if it’s after 3 days.

6AF All Access Pass Guide_005.jpg
  • Each program will have the films listed in order and they autoplay so you can click on the Intro slide and the rest of the program will play after. You can also choose to skip over certain films. If you look at our Virtual Program Book, you can review the content ratings, synopsis, and information on each film and if you see one you aren’t interested in/ have content warnings, you can simply skip over it.

FAF All Access Pass Guide_006.jpg

What is the Gumroad Library app?


The Gumroad Library app serves as a mobile version of the Gumroad Library. It allows you to watch the films you have purchased on your phone.

You can log in with your Gumroad account to view your saved films or have a login code texted to your device from the website to view them if you do not have an account. Additionally, you can go to your receipt, select View Content, scroll down and click Open in App.

From your device, you can also cast these films to any smart TV or device to watch on a larger screen.

A note about ratings: The ratings are based on our collective best judgement as a selection committee, our judges, and even asking the submitters to rate their own work. We refer everyone to the MPAA guidelines, however we're aware that perhaps we're a bit *too* conservative rating something as PG-13 when it could be PG, or PG for a G...  If you're curious about how ratings work, there's a great documentary on the subject from 2006, This Film is Not Yet Rated.

For more information, visit our FAQ, or shoot us a message!  

Ready to watch now?

Awesomesauce! Click below and start streaming!

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