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Submission Spotlight

Seeing Blind
Jazmine Lee


Jazmine has recently completed a Bachelor of Design in Animation (honours). Seeing Blind is her first official short film. She is currently working as a background painter.


Read a short interview with Jazmine about her film below!


FAF: Do you have a favorite animated film/tv show and why?

JL: Most common answer ever... but my favourite animated tv show would be Avatar The Last Airbender. You can tell that everything was made with so much love and really elevated story-telling in western animation.


FAF: The backgrounds in “Seeing Blind” are unique and important elements in the film-- can you tell us a little more about your process of designing them and how they drive the visual aesthetic of your film?

JL: I put a lot of effort into the backgrounds as I wanted people to be quickly immersed into the world. I kept it similar to my personal illustration style but simplified down to flat bright colours, simple lines and a single texture, giving it a very familiar cartoon show feel.

FAF: What would you most like audiences to take away from “Seeing Blind”?

JL: As it is a film about distorted perceptions, I hope that people will reconsider the world around them - especially those living comfortably.


FAF: First off, how did you get involved in animation? What drew you to the art and how long have you been animating?

JL: I have always enjoyed watching animation but decided to pursue it after high school. I always wanted a creative job and soon, film making looked the most fun and rewarding. I’ve been animating now for 5 years!

FAF: What inspires you to create?

JL: Stories and experiences. I like trying to capture moments or feelings that are familiar to people.



FAF: 2d animation is one of your chosen mediums. Could you share why you choose to tell your stories this way?

JL: I enjoy making my films in 2D as it relies heavily on drawing which I love to do and I think it has a timeless charm despite how easy it is to change styles.



Seeing Blind

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