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Watch a special behind-the-scenes of the making of a major animated artistic achievement!

Featuring Loving Vincent and Loving Vincent: Making Of


If you have yet to see the biopic critics are calling "breathtakingly beautiful" (Jeffrey Anderson, Common Sense Media), or are simply curious to see how the seven-year-in-the-making, first fully painted film of all time was created, this special double feature is for you!


On Friday, June 14 at All Saints Cinema, the Florida Animation Festival will host a special double feature based around the history-making biopic of Vincent Van Gogh, Loving Vincent. This critically acclaimed, first-of-its-kind art film will be paired with the Making Of documentary detailing the love and painstaking detail that went into every shot of the film. 

Between the films, stick around for light refreshments and a casual intermission party hosted by Domi Station!




6pm - 7pm

Loving Vincent: Making Of  Documentary Screening

7pm- 8pm

Intermission party hosted by Domi Station

With special guest Kenzie Sutton for a casual Q&A!


Loving Vincent  Feature Film presentation

More details are outlined below, including trailers for both films!​ 


Screening: Making of: Loving Vincent

A Special Behind-the-Scenes Documentary of the history-making film!


6pm | $5 entry, $6 online | Approx. 1 hour run time, NR



Since the public's first look of the unique, hand-painted scenes of Loving Vincent went viral, fascination in the film's painstaking, seven-year process has only grown. 

Go behind the scenes with us to learn more about the concept, process, and workload of every painter and animator on the team of Loving Vincent, and see how the visions of a dedicated team of artists over seven years resulted in the first ever fully-painted full-length motion picture. The story of Loving Vincent  is inspiring for any artist looking to break boundaries and go to new lengths to tell the next generations about history's most remarkable people.


After learning about the dedication and talent of each artist on the Loving Vincent team, you won't want to miss a second of the incredible film! 


maxresdefault (1).jpg

Intermission Party

Hosted by Domi Station


Between the documentary and the feature film, stick around for light refreshments and some mingling with fellow art and animation aficionados, hosted by Domi Station! 

Starting immediately after the film at 7pm! Free with screening tickets. 


One of the incredible painters/animators who worked on Loving Vincent will be present for a casual Q&A during the Intermission Party!

Not only that, but she's the US Ambassador for the film Loving Vincent and Royal Talens North America!!  She is such a talented artist, we can't wait to hear what she has to say!

Learn about her and her work at 🎨🎟🚂

Feature Presentation: Loving Vincent

See the history-making animated film that celebrates Vincent van Gogh with his own beautiful paintings!


8pm | $5 entry, $6 online | Approx. 1.5 hour run time, PG-13 

A biopic truly worthy of its subject, Loving Vincent features the remarkable artist's story, told in his own medium. 

A culmination of a seven year collaboration with painters, animators, and videographers, Loving Vincent goes where no animated film has gone before to celebrate one of the most influential, iconic and loved painters of our time. Highly misunderstood in life, van Gogh's life, work and story are brought to new life through the eyes of a bystander tasked with delivering the artist's final letters, who soon becomes obsessed with piecing together the mysteries surrounding his art, condition, and death. 


We are proud to offer Loving Vincent at the All Saints Cinema for a new generation of animators, painters, and artists of all mediums to enjoy.  


Feature Presentation: Loving Vincent

See the history-making animated film that celebrates Vincent van Gogh with his own beautiful paintings!


8pm | $5 entry, $6 online | Approx. 1.5 hour run time, PG-13 



The Making of Loving Vincent


Theatrical Trailer: Loving Vincent

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