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Rui Fan Wang


Rui Fan Wang is an animtor from the UK. Her film, FRACTALS, is an official stop-motion selection from the 2017 Florida Animation Festival.

FAF: Your film opts out of fanciful colors but features complex dimensions and shadows. Why did you make this decision?


RFW: I wanted the audience to focus on the differences in shapes which is the key conflict in the story and also to reflect its clarity and simplicity in its visual elements. While at the same time, I hope there are some hints to suggest the unspoken complexes and struggles between and within the characters, so I experimented with dimensions and shadows.


FAF: What does each of the shapes represent to you?


RFW: The shapes represent different personalities that I have met. The circle represents the reckless dreamer who wholeheartedly wish to fit in with or become the ideal person. The square is an elite or the "ideal" person that sometimes may be too harsh. The triangle is the "imperfect" humble helping hand that stretch and adjust itself to support others. The point is like an awareness, that everyone is similar and can be a part of something even if they are different.

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