We're excited to have you. This is our fourth year of the Florida Animation Festival, and we can't wait to show you all the ways we've made it better than ever for our guests. 

Below you'll find each event in chronological order for the weekend, with descriptions, more info, and a place for tickets. On the day of the screening, simply show the FAF volunteer at the theater's entrance the virtual receipt for your ticket, and prepare to sit back and enjoy the show!

For more information, visit our FAQ, or shoot us a message!  

We will try to not adjust the schedule but sometimes life happens and we gotta do what we gotta do!


A note about ratings: The ratings are based on our collective best judgement as a selection committee, our judges, and even asking the submitters to rate their own work. We refer everyone to the MPAA guidelines, however we're aware that perhaps we're a bit *too* conservative rating something as PG-13 when it could be PG, or PG for a G...  If you're curious about how ratings work, there's a great documentary on the subject from 2006, This Film is Not Yet Rated.

For more information, visit our FAQ, or shoot us a message!  


Friday, June 13th | 8:00 PM

Keith Osborne, long-time animation industry veteran, experienced instructor, and friend of the Florida Animation Festival will be back this year to teach techniques of traditional Zoetrope animation!



Thursday, June 13th | 10:00 AM

We're excited to announce 2019's FAF Workshops, featuring industry veterans Nathan Archer and Keith Osborn! Nathan Archer will be doing a presentation on the art of sequential storytelling, and Keith Osborn will be showing a how-to on traditional Zoetrope animation techniques! All materials will be provided, and lunch afterwards! For more information, visit our Workshops page


Featured: A still from 9-year-old Luca 's film, "The Cosmopenguin at the Opera". We hope Luca's stop-motion animation masterpiece encourages every member of the audience to achieve their animation dreams!

select shorts:




Thursday, June 13th | 1:00 PM


Friday, June 14th | 2:00 PM

Come check out 2 sets of selections of family-friendly shorts! These colorful and fun animated films from around the world guarantee fun for the whole family. Each time slot features different films, so be sure to see both! To see each film shown during the two time slots, click here.

Tickets are only $5 per screening, with Tuesday's being included in your Workshop ticket!

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Featured: FSU Film Student (Emma Landeche) presents her short animated film, Wiener Roast! A culmination of a year's work, Emma's film utilizes physical comedy and a fun, creative art style to build laughs. 

kick-off party:


Featuring The FSU Film School

Thursday, June 13th | 6:00 PM

Location: CoLab @ The Pod

See what the buzz is all about at the FSU Film School's Animation and Digital Arts program, and say hi to some of the most promising young animators of this generation as they present their short animated films! The AniMotion Social is hosted by CoLab @ The Pod, and features complimentary light refreshments. 

Tickets are only $10 per person purchased online, or $20 at the door!

Oh, it's 21+ ;-)

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A screencap from Closed Circuit, by Lauren Morrison. In this film, a robot cares for a ship full of sleeping passengers on an interstellar voyage, and one day she discovers she is not alone.

select shorts: HOMEGROWN FILMS

Friday, June 14th | 10:30 AM

This showcase of domestic work has a range of films rating from G through PG-13, and features select animated films from all across the United States!


This is different from our Films with a Southern Draw section that spotlights submissions from the SE area only. 


Tickets are only $5 per person!

To learn more about each film being screened, click here.

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A screencap from the breathtaking Loving Vincent. The double feature showcase includes a behind-the-scenes documentary that details all the effort and care from the artists that went into the film!


One of the incredible painters/animators who worked on Loving Vincent will be present for a casual Q&A during the Intermission Party!

Not only that, but she's the US Ambassador for the film Loving Vincent and Royal Talens North America!!


She is such a talented artist, we can't wait to hear what she has to say!
Learn about her and her work at https://www.kenziesutton.com/ 🎨🎟🚂

double feature:




Friday, June 14th | 6:00 PM

Come out to see a beautiful double-feature film series featuring a historical breakthrough in animation technique- the biopic Loving Vincent. This 7 year labor of love honors Vincent van Gogh in his own signature style. We'll be showing an hour-long behind-the-scenes exclusive documentary on the film's making, followed by the feature presentation, Loving Vincent!


Stick around during the intermission for a social at Domi Station including drinks and light refreshments! Click here for info-- you outta van Gogh see this!

Tickets are only $10 per person for both films & the intermission party!


A screencap from Mamoru Hosada and Japan's Studio Chizu's MIRAI. MIRAI utilizes hand-drawn and hand-painted art to create an unforgettable animation experience.

free film screening: MIRAI

Saturday, June 15th | 10:00 AM

Acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children) and Japan’s Studio Chizu collaborate for  MIRAI, "a daringly original story of love passed down through generations" (gkids.com). We're incredibly excited to offer a screening of MIRAI on Saturday morning of the festival!

Learn more here!

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A screencap from Yoni Goodman's Adina E.-Changing, set to the song of the same title.

select shorts: HUMOR & NOTES

Saturday, June 15th | 1:00 PM

What do music videos and comedies have in common? They're all about timing! This special curated block of unique content showcases comedies, dark comedies, and music videos, across all styles of animation.  The comedy and music video category has a suggested rating of up to PG-13, and features short films from all around the the world! You won't want to miss it.

Tickets are only $5 per person! To find out more about each film showing, click here. 


A screencap from Causims, made by Toberg in London, United Kingdom.

select shorts: FILMS FROM AFAR

Saturday, June 15th | 4:00 PM

Check out fresh short animated films from independent animators around the world, handpicked by our selection committee! The internationals category has a suggested rating of up to PG-13, and features films from all around the the world that encourage audiences to consider new questions and see new points of view. Have a trip around the world without leaving your seat! 


Tickets are only $5 per person!

To find out more about each film showing, click here

tickets likely available at the door!

A screencap from Liron Topaz's new short film, Bilby. During the presentation, Liron will share exclusive content on the process of the story and animation!

keynote speaker:

LIRON TOPAZ, director of "Bilby"



(Annual Animation Show of Shows)

Saturday, June 15th | 6:30 PM

Come see the showcase event of the festival, starting off with the 20th Annual Animation Show of Shows, 15 international animated short films! The film screenings begin at 6:30pm, then after a brief intermission, our keynote speaker Liron Topaz will present his short film "Bilby,", chosen for Dreamworks' new film program! Mr. Topaz will give us an exclusive behind-the-scenes presentation of the making of his short film. 


Tickets are only $10 per person!

To find out more about each film showing, click here. To learn more about Liron and his presentation, click here.


We're proud to screen selections from this curation of animated shorts-- with two having been reserved for our final closing event because they were original submissions to the Florida Animation Festival!

A screencap from The Rose Garden, directed by Jessica Stanley and Nina Gerstenhaber.


Sunday, June 16th | 1:00 PM

We're excited to feature films from a number of incredibly talented southeast-sourced animators, including a number of amazing student submissions from alma maters right here in Florida! Suggested rating for these films is PG-13.  Several filmmakers have notified us that they're planning to attend too.

Tickets are only $5 per person!

To find out more about each film showing, click here


A screencap from Lemons, a film directed by Daniela Godel that utilizes painted glass for a unique visual effect.

select shorts: JUDGES' CHOICES

+ 2019 awards presentation

Sunday, June 16th | 4:00 PM

You won't wanna miss this-- a specially curated presentation of submitted animated shorts based on the recommendation of our fantastic FAF 2019 judges. This special finale showcase contains films hand-picked from over 150 submitted shorts guaranteed to be impactful, engaging and overall breathtaking. Each of our judges have special professional histories in the animation field- come out and see the films they liked the best! Films in this category are suggested PG-13. Following the screening will be a brief awards presentation!


Tickets are only $5! To learn more about the films playing in this section, click here. To learn more about each of our 2019 judges, click here


Our 2019 submissions trailer!


If it is not showing above, you can check it out here at The Pod's Vimeo Channel!


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